Posted by: Audrey Erbes | October 1, 2007

Audrey’s Selected Bay Area Meetings for Oct. 2007



Another month has whizzed by…it always goes fast when you’re super busy and having fun! I’ve pasted in the Audrey’s Picks of the month for keeping your knowledge on the cutting edge and maintaining a vibrant professional network. I’ve also attached a copy in Word for those of you who want to download and print it out for future reference.

Although less in number than the “out-of-the-gate charge” in September, there are still many excellent meetings and conferences to attend in October. See the Career Fair on the 10th and Bay Bio Investor and Entrepreneurial Roundtables Oct. 16th. We await the BioE2E meeting announcement. Since it’s not listed on their website as yet, it apparently won’t be the first Wednesday of the month as in the past.

There’s still time to sign up for the Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials course this Thursday and Friday, Oct. 4-5. Registrants for this new class will be invited to the Oct. 6th Lunch/Brunch for former UCB and UCSC Ext. students to network at my home. We had over 100 at the August 2004 event.

I suggest you keep your career development needs nurtured by attending at least one of these events this month.



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