Posted by: Audrey Erbes | May 31, 2008

Bay Area June Meetings to Keep You Sharp and Connected

Many of the bioscience industry organizations in the Bay Area are holding meetings earlier and many are mid-month so it’s another busy time. BIO runs from June 17-20 in San Diego with major career fair on the 16th–probably one of the reasons for the log jam earlier in the month.

Well, back again only a day later with corrections–see changed dates for elective IP course at UCSC Ext. and listing of course fees with early registration discounts for both IP and Bio Biz courses this month.

I’ve also added BayBio’s Medical Device and Therapeutic Breakfast meetings and Palo Alto AWIS Social as well as East Bay AWIS meeting. May not have all the details for every meeting but have included enough on the major topics and sites to visit for later information to help you make a decision.
BIO and LES have their annual joint Bio Biz course once again preceding the annual BIO meeting in San Diego. It’s 3-day affair for $1,495 for non-BIO members, June 14-16. If you are trying to compare this course to that at UCSC Ext. on June 26-27 in Cupertino, note you hear lectures but don’t have personal contact at class and follow-up with instructors, guided project to add to your portfolio or receive the valuable materials available in the UCSC Ext. course reader. Also all students in the UCSC Ext. course receive complimentary access to two valuable databases to use while they research their course project during the term. In total the UCSC Ext. course is a real bargain with a discount for early enrollment prior to June 12 and no cost of travel to San Diego (works out to 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost or less if you include value of free access and minimal travel expenses). BTW, I attended this BIO course in its early years and want to be fair in stating they now offer topics that appear to follow a planned, tighter curriculum.  The course includes about 125 students so while it provides less personal attention than the UCSC course which has 1/5th the students, the BIO course does offer contact  with larger numbers of others interested in or working in BD roles.
I’ve listed the updated meetings in an attached Word document below for your information.
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