Posted by: Audrey Erbes | June 24, 2008

Congratulations to Our Friends at Recap!!

Some major news for those of you who regularly read Signals and use deal databases from Recombinant Capital, Inc. –“Recap” has been acquired by Deloitte. The acquisition of this leading deal database pioneer launched right here in Bay Area 20 years ago was announced at a private breakfast meeting on June 18th at BIO. Clients and friends of Recap had an opportunity to ask questions about potential impact of merger on Recap’s services. “The choice to integrate Recombinant Capital and Deloitte merges Recap’s unique strategic data with Deloitte’s scale, scope of services and client base, creating a powerful combination,” responded Mark Edwards, founder and managing director of Recombinant Capital.  “Our clients will benefit from Deloitte’s proven industry track record, and our people will benefit from the opportunity to continue to develop their careers with one of the world’s leading professional services firms.”
We appreciate that students in our UCSC Ext. course “Bioscience Business Development: Building Value” course have had gratis access to the deal database for use in doing their term projects. So we are especially pleased that this generous access will continue after the company’s acquisition by Deloitte.
Recap also premiered a new feature database at BIO with first showing of “20 Drugs that Defined Biotech” available online with their compliments (free access to pilot). To show off the capabilities of the new RecapRx site and to commemorate Recap’s 20th anniversary, they collected and made public all of their data for the approved indications for 2007’s top-selling biotech drugs. They note that from “these 60 indications you’ll be able to dig down to 353 clinical trials, 1199 press releases, 317 scientific abstracts, 73 sponsor’s clinical reports, 44 related strategic alliances, and 157 applications for regulatory approval.  If you are interested in learning about the clinical development of this class of top biotech compounds, you’ll want to check out the site at
You won’t want to miss the outstanding companion article in Recap’s Signals magazine at “Blockbusters Just Keep Coming” for an outstanding overview article about the top 30 biotech products starting with Eli Lilly and Co.’s recombinant human insulin Humulin (which it licensed from Genentech Inc.) that was approved in October 1982 for treating diabetes.
Our congratulations to Mark and his team at Recombinant for building a respected industry resource and outstanding products and our wishes for continued business success in the future.

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