Posted by: Audrey Erbes | July 26, 2008

Upcoming Bay Area Industry Meetings

I’ve developed a list of meetings for this coming week–the last days of July–can you believe it–and those in August for which I have information. See added Bio-X lecture this Monday night at Stanford and then others already listed in earlier July list, including Dr. Patty Kiang speaking about the “Critical Role of Packaging

and Delivery Device in Bio/Pharma and Device Industry” on July 29th at the Bio2Device Group.

I’ve started August calendar with Bio2Device Group morning meeting on the 5th when Diane Heditsian of DeClarity presents a presentation about using movement in media–“Move Your Audiences to Action! Using Messages with Motion Throughout the Development & Life Cycle of Your Product.”
I have details for Palo Alto AWIS picnic on the 9th, both Cafe Scientifique and speaker for B2DG meeting on the 12th (conflict in times for 2 top notch speakers unfortunately), another North Bay ACRP event in Walnut Creek on the 14th, and Fountain Blue event on the 18th so far.
I’ve attached   a Word version of the list for July-Aug. 2008 fyi that you can download.
Stay cool but get out and meet some new industry peers.
P.S. You’ll find me at the Bio2Device  and TATIA meetings next, if you want to chat.

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