Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 28, 2008

Audrey’s Picks for October Meetings

I’ve just compiled the meetings for which I have notice at this time and like for the period through the end of Oct. 2008. See downloadable Word document at end of posting.
I’ve noted more and more groups listing meetings and courses, sometimes without knowing much about the groups, speakers. So here’s a word about the criteria for my picks–I’ve selected meetings from organizations known to have well planned and meaningful programs, good speakers, and relevance to the work and careers of life science professionals. I haven’t attended all these groups and all their meetings but have inquired about their credentials from respected sources. I expect to have information on the speaker(s) prior to my registration and  I encourage you to do the same as our time is very valuable.
I have not included meetings with general topics  or the very esoteric as other groups sometimes do–only those that directly pertain to life science industry sectors and professional functions in those areas. I leave the topics of extremely limited interest to professional groups that focus in that area. There are several general programs provided by respected groups, for example, ASTIA has developed programs for high tech and life science entrepreneurs but only two in the October time frame pertain directly to our industry so I have only included those. I tend to support those nonprofits that reside in our Bay Area so that they thrive rather than forprofits from outside our area that have far less understanding of our local issues.
I may not get it right every time but I strive to be fair and follow some criteria for price range, quality and value for the price, etc. I hope you find these meeting picks useful.
Have a great month.  I had a great insightful visit and  enjoyable participation at  the UBS Global Life Science Investment Conference and the Windhover Strategic Pharmaceutical Alliance meetings in New York Sept. 22-25. More on my impressions and learnings on that soon.

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