Posted by: Audrey Erbes | October 3, 2008

More Bay Area Life Science Meetings in October

It’s been an tumultuous period in more ways than one–a roller coaster on Wall Street and Main Street with some pretty scary stuff happening. Now is the time more than ever to be sure you’re keeping your network strong and growing your knowledge and skills. In addition to the uncertainty over the potential impact of change in leadership at Genentech, our largest local life science company, the further deterioration of potential available funding and credit will make it especially difficult for companies with only 12 months of cash or less. Checkout the downloadable Word document above for listing.
I call your attention to the many opportunities to meet with other professionals and hear relevant programs but also bring to your attention an excellent course taught by a colleague Dr. Mary Alice Yund. Dr. Yund created a 5-day intensive course to bring us up to date on the dynamic science that is the bedrock of our industry, especially, biotechnology and its roots. She and other expert guest speakers provide the Bioessentials for industry professionals in Bioscience Essentials for Industry Professionals at UCB Extension in downtown San Francisco the last week of October. The course is $1,975. (Yes, this is “Macy’s sending you to Gimbels” for an excellent course I also took when teaching at UCB in the past.)
Also a reminder that the Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials course at UCSC Extension will take place Thursday and Friday, Oct. 9-10 in Cupertino. Cost is $730. This course is designed to provide you with thorough understanding of what makes the life science industry tick and provides knowledge, resources and training in valuable, directly applicable skills to apply at work successfully the following Monday. Learn the skills developed from years of experience of the instructor and expert guest speakers in this two-day intensive. See details for this and Dr. Yund’s course in the list that follows.
It appears that mid-October is the busiest time of the month with Oct. 14 and 15 showing the most alternatives.
I’ve had requests for information on clinical research/monitoring group meetings. I haven’t received any SOCRA or ACRP meetings this month. Please advise if I’ve missed a meeting.
Take good care of yourself,

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