Posted by: Audrey Erbes | January 1, 2009

Upcoming Bioscience Product Marketing Course at UCSC Ext.

Here’s your chance to learn how to research, develop and write a winning marketing plan for a life science product—for an industry which is very different than others and requires special knowledge.  And add a non-confidential work product to your portfolio to share with future managers when seeking advancement.

Starting on the first class night you’ll self select your team members with whom you’ll select a product for which the team will gradually week by week develop a preliminary marketing plan. Each week the team has assignments that keep them on track to develop the plan for the last class night.

Over the course of the course, there are 4 guest expert speakers plus 3 short presentations by other experienced professionals working in the industry and dealing with the topics first hand. The team experience was designed to duplicate actual marketing team work inside a company.

Class runs on six Thursday evenings from Feb. 12-March 26 with no class on March 19th.

An extensive course reader includes examples of product plans across industry sectors, list of extensive resource websites, outlines, KOL survey, bibliography and ten selected articles otherwise not available for free.

Topics include:

· Market-research methodologies and applications

· Development of marketing strategy, product-positioning plans and claim structure

· Tactical marketing programs and activities

Participants learn strategic planning and research skills relevant to marketing-research and product-management functions in a biotech company and learn about the function of marketing and its important role in building a successful bioscience company. Participants explore the role and functions of biotech marketing staff in providing strategic marketing, product planning and tactical marketing programs that specifically support bioscience products and technology.

The course is well suited for entry-level professionals in bioscience marketing research, business development and licensing, product management, sales, advertising and public relations, as well as higher-level employees new to the industry. Also, professionals considering a career change to marketing from inside or outside the industry will find the course content useful.

See details in downloadable Word document or go to and look for Bioscience Product Marketing.

Deadline for substantial discount is Jan. 29th.




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