Posted by: Audrey Erbes | January 22, 2009

January and Feb. Picks for Meetings–Gung Hay Fat Choy!

I was asked by several of you to announce the life science meeting”Personal Genome Computing: Breakthroughs, Risks and Opportunitie” of Churchill Club today–there’s still time to register for this January 22nd evening event and get discount by 11:00 am today, January 22nd.
I’ve developed preliminary February calendar of  industry meetings for those of you to like to plan ahead. And I added a Chinese New Year’s Luncheon and festivities by the Singaporean group and several others which probably were prompted by my email earlier yesterday.  Saturday, Feb. 7th is a busy day with Haas Healthcare Conference, Chinese New Year’s celebration and Syntex Syva Alumni Association Annual Meeting social to meet with Rosenkrantz family in Mountain View. (Visit Syntex Alumni Association website  at registration information.)
Note the international job faire listed for February if an overseas career adventure is in your dreams.
An economic downturn reminds us of the importance of maintaining a vibrant network–Dr. Erbes recommends at least 2 industry meetings a month!

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