Posted by: Audrey Erbes | February 1, 2009

Is it True That Leading Packaged Foods are Contaminated with Mercury?

And if you want a heads up on possibly biggest FDA food inspection failure–check out the story about the mercury contaminated packaged foods our children and likely you are eating. This story should provide some budding journalist a chance at a  Pulitzer prize for investigative reporting. Was I shocked to learn  my Heinz ketchup and Smuckers pancake syrup had mercury contaminated high fructose corn syrup in it in a 2007 study of crosssection of packaged foods containg high fructose corn syrup (HFCS )as second or third  largest ingredient. I called the customer service people at both companies and I didn’t like the answers. The former hadn’t heard about it and the latter said the company was looking into the truth of the charges.

And parents are worried about mercury in vaccinations causing autism–if it’s true they need to start checking out their breakfast choices. The article can be downloaded at See
And this contamination could be totally  avoided if companies purchase their HFCS from plants who have switched from the old mercury cell technology in producing the caustic soda used to convert corn to HFCS.  Are there quality assurance practices  in food plants?

Might this explain increases in neurological diseases? And increase the chances of us ketchup lovers getting early Alzheimer’s disease. Man this could be very serious.



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