Posted by: Audrey Erbes | April 23, 2009

Revised Updates for Audrey’s Picks for End of April and May


For those of you anxious to sign up for Margi McLoughlin’s talk about Pfizer in the Bay Area at the Bio2Device Group evening meeting on May 12th, I’ve included the recently available Acteva site for preregistration for this event in the revised list provided above.

You can also sign up and pay a small fee for the light supper on the 12th at next week’s B2DG morning meeting with talk on “Selling Discovery” by Joel Lackovich, Business Development Manager, Thomson Reuters, Scientific Division . (BTW, these morning B2DG meetings are growing rapidly to fill the new Sunnyvale City Council Chambers venue where the group moved when they outgrew the NOVA facility with current attendees numbering over 60 regularly– but there’s some room for expansion. The group is now using a large screen to replace the small TV monitors so everyone can see the details in a presentation.)

Bay Bio promises to keep up their excellent medical device breakfast series May 12th with topic “Human Factors in Medical Device Design.”  Congrats to Bay Bio and their team for  a great therapeutic breakfast last Thursday on topic of cancer therapies in development!

For those of you in transition or just looking for other opportunities for career growth, don’t forget to preregister for the May 6th Career Fair which covers all industry sectors.

That’s all folks for this week on meetings. If you have meeting for May posting, send it to me for evaluation. Also I’ll post latest new jobs this Sunday.


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