Posted by: Audrey Erbes | May 29, 2009

Audrey’s Industry Meeting Picks for June

June09MeetingListMay 29

Well this weekend sees the close of May with one meeting tomorrow May 30th. As noted earlier, June is a very busy month as organizations try to fit in their last meetings prior to start of summer vacations. Some exceptions to this include the Bio2Device Group, UCSC Ext. courses, BioScience Forum, for example.
I’d like to call your attention to the approaching deadline on June 11th for the discount for the Bioscience Business Development: Building Value course I teach in Cupertino at UC Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley on Thursday and Friday, June 25-26. See details on industry expert instructors and guest speakers and their topics covering the functions and best licensing and dealmaking practices of BD professionals below. Students will have access to industry resources to do their research for their selected term paper.
For those planning into July, I’ve also added information about the 2-day intensive Bioscience Product Marketing course offered Thursday and Friday, July 16-17th. See the list of expert speakers and their topics provided.
You can get more information about the bioscience programs at a free event on Tuesday evening, June 2nd at the UCSC Ext. site. You need to register. See details below.
I’ll be attending the Bio2Device Group morning meeting on June 2nd if you’d like to speak to me in person.
Have a great weekend and month,
P.S. See attached flyers for Bioscience Business Development and Bioscience Product Marketing for details on instructors and expert speakers. Please pass on to colleagues who might benefit from these outstanding courses. Our only promotion is via word of mouth and testimonials.

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