Posted by: Audrey Erbes | June 21, 2009

Jobs That Crossed My Desk the Past Two Weeks

Jobs Posted throughJune20

Downloadable Word list of jobs that crossed my desk


Some words of explanation about the jobs I receive. I list only those for which I’ve received an email or other notification from a company HR or executive recruiter. For example, the two regulatory positions listed for Intuitive Surgical were sent to me by the HR department manager with whom I spoke at the recent RAPS meeting held at IS. There are many more jobs at the same company found on their website, but these two jobs are ones they are focusing on through RAPS and related professionals. Many jobs listed on company sites may not be active now but the ones I receive more typically are. See additionals helps at end of list.

I’ve noted before that most jobs are found via networking with employees at a company you have targeted who can get your resume in front of a hiring manager at that company. That doesn’t mean I don’t recommend pursuing jobs online–just remember you need to also develop an inside contact working for you as well. The best way to do this is to attend local meetings and build a network. The Bio2Device Group is just one of the many groups  that hold meetings but is unique in that the meetings occur every week and are free. Check out potential meetings that fit your schedule and budget in blog posting that follows this one. Also check out the websites of the professional groups that match your background. and plan to attend their next meeting.  You can find these groups on my website at under the tab ” informational links” and then the subset titled “organizational links”.

Take care and keep networking and “sharpening the saw.” Be sure you have your elevator pitch crafted for use and practice when attending these meetings. Make appointments to get informational interviews with those whom you think can be helpful. These are busy people with lives of their own so be sure to thank them and respect their time.

Remember your skills, experience, energy level and attitudes are your “product” claims and attributes. You need to promote yourself, a product competing in the job market, with your best foot possible. Don’t forget to dress professionally when attending meetings because the first impression is important to this process.  There’s a tendency to get casual when you’ve been laid off –yes you need to be natural but not appear you’ve retired from the work world.

Look in the mirror each morning and give yourself a hug. Send positive messages to your subconscience which helps build up your self esteem and prepare you for the new day  during which you may make the contact that will be critical to your next step in your career adventure.  You may make the critical contact sitting in your dentist’s chair or speaking with a neighbor over the fence as you water your lawn. Your routine contacts at school parent meetings, church and civic meetings place you in contact with people who may have in their network others who are working at a company of interest to you. You are always looking to make a connection with professional who is 2 levels above the job you are seeking. Remember this process is cumulative so don’t burn bridges. I got my first job in industry via the HR person remembering me when the hiring manager of a department I hadn’t even considered met with him to share his difficulty in finding a person with new skills he hadn’t searched for in the past. The HR person handed him my resume and said this person impressed him as having those “out-of-box”  skills–so I eventually ended up with a marketing career I wasn’t even pursuing.  Making that good impression on the HR manager with my positive response, in spite of  learning the position of interest to me wasn’t being filled that year, really paid off  .

Now give yourself a pep talk and get out there this week– promote yourself and what you can do for a company that needs your skills. And stay away from the negative “mirrors” of negative people–those who always see the glass half filled. Get out there with those who are in your cheering section and support who you are.


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