Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 12, 2009

Informative Lectures and Networking? This is the week for it.

Well, if you thought there weren’t enough choices of events and meetings earlier this month, this is the week for you! Tuesday, Sept. 15th and Wednesday, Sept. 16th offer the heaviest in selection in a long time. I guess organizations are making up for missed opportunities the week around Labor Day so scheduled their monthly event this coming week. There’s just too many to list.

I’ll be going back East for a business trip latter this week  so will miss many of these opportunities.  You’ll find me for sure at the Bay Bio Medical Device Breakfast meeting on Tuesday morning to hear their program “Road to Reimbursement”. Jan Hughes of Alquest has once again put together an excellent program for this monthly event.

I’ve posted in downloadable form MeetingListSept12 once again meetings for the month and beyond. In fact,  you can find most of the Bio2Device Group meetings for the next three months–there are some really great ones in their schedule which is fully booked through the end of the year.

Have a great week! You deserve, I’m sure.



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