Posted by: Audrey Erbes | January 8, 2010

Latest 28th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Agenda

I’ve included the most recent JPMHealthcareConference-Agenda1.7 as link for your ease in tuning in to individual company presentations via webcast. You will need to fill out registration form but do not need to be registered attendee. I’ve pasted in latest instructions below as well.
Each public and private company presentation will be 25-minutes. Public company presentations will be webcast (subject to company consent).  Public companies will host breakout sessions immediately following their presentations. Breakouts are 25-minutes and will be held in a separate room. NOTE: Breakouts will not be webcast unless otherwise indicated on the webcast website. Private companies will not host breakouts. These presentations are full of the latest market data collected by companies and presented mostly by the CEOs–a special feature of JP Morgan meetings vs. other life science investment meetings. The breakouts are especially interesting as the CEO as well as typically the CSO and/or CFO are available to answer questions from the audience rather than lower level management at other meetings.
Public company presentations will be webcast live & on-demand (subject to company consent). This will enable you to view presentations that you may have missed if attending  (note there are 6 stimultaneous sessions/followup breakout sessions at one time to choose from) or replay your favorites. These webcasts will be available for three months after the conference. Please visit via link to and click on the webcasting link for 28th Annual Healthcare Conference. You do not need a username and password but you will be prompted for your email address.
NOTE: Breakout sessions will not be webcast unless otherwise indicated on the webcast website.
Hope this is useful in feeling a part of this most important industry meeting even though you can’t get inside…or plan your schedule for when to be inside the JP Morgan meeting vs. the Biotech Showcase or OneMedPlace meeting occurring also on Tuesday and Wednesday.
I’ll be writing a blog for Pharmaceutical Executive blogsite covering the takeaways from the meeting that I glean from being on the inside and attending as many sessions as possible.

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