Posted by: Audrey Erbes | February 20, 2010

We Can Do It! Just Power Through It!

Does the weather have you down? A couple of sunny days would sure make us smile again. But the weather report for the Bay Area shows rain for the next 10 days. Looking on the bright side, the drought is over. If only the reservoirs was strong enough to be filled to capacity, that would be one local problem solved.

The economic front in general appears positive for this past week. Vanguard reports “This week’s economic reports were mostly positive. Consumer confidence continued to rebound, industrial production remained strong, new home construction rose, and inflation increased modestly. The good news, coupled with the Federal Reserve’s decision on Thursday to raise the interest rate it charges on banks for emergency loans, suggests that the current economic recovery is strengthening (Feb. 19, 2010).”  That report made me feel better with regard to the general economy.

The forecast for increased funding for startups continues to be flat with no expectations of improvement on the horizon according to local industry speakers I’ve heard recently.  But they do claim that there will be openings for funding as large companies that have cut back on R&D will soon need those new products to fill gaps in their pipelines for breakthroughs. Many local events in the past two weeks have focused on insufficient Venture Capital to fuel the startups that await that infusion of cash to gain momentum while optimism for IPOs is shaky. The Obama administration’s increased funding of research offers one outlet as entrepreneurs await a return of optimism on part of investors.

As I watched the Olympics this past week, I’m reminded that no one ever said it would be easy to achieve the objectives of our industry against great risks, but I know we can do it! It takes perseverence, discipline and sharpenedand honed skills so take advantage of the great opportunities to continue growth as a professional of which we are fortunate to have a great abundance in the Bay Area.

This coming week offers a chance to fortify yourself with new information and insights and stimulate you to handle the rough spots that still face us. Don’t forget to look at challenges as opportunities to overcome and you’ll feel a lot better. Please send positive  messages to your subconscious so you’ll have resiliency to respond to the bumps that we’ll all face before the window of opportunity opens wide once again.

  • CACO Workshop, Monday Afternoon, Feb. 22, 2010, Topic: “Preclinical Toxicology and drug safety: large molecules, “Speakers: Ben Marafino, Kathleen Meyer
  • FountainBlue’s Life Science Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Monday Evening, Feb. 22, 2010, Topic: “Life Science Angel Investor’s Panel: Trends for 2010: Show Me the Money: Resourceful Ways to Secure Funding for YOUR Life Science Company in THIS Economy”, This month’s panel will feature: Facilitator Maria Walker, Senior Director, KPMG; Panelist Zachary Antovich, President and CEO, Linkage Biosciences Inc; Panelist Oostur Raza, President and CEO, OmegaGenesis; Panelist Howard Edelman, President and CEO, VitalWear
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Feb. 23, 2010, Topic: “Stem Cell Biology: Progress, hopes, hypes and hurdles”, Speaker: Monica Ranes-Goldberg, Ph.D., BiotechTraining Consulting
  • RAPS, San Francisco, Tuesday Evening, Feb. 23, 2010, Topic: “Biosimilar Protein Products: – Opportunities, Options and Outcomes”, Speaker sponsored by Biologics Consulting Group (BCG)
  • BioScience Forum USPTO Symposium, Wednesday All Day, Feb. 24, 2010, Topic:” US Patent and Trademark Office Technology Center 1600, West Coast Road Show 2010”, Speakers: Irem (Remy) Yucel and Jean Witz, Technology Center (TC) 1600, USPTO
  • Northern California Chapter, ACRP, Wednesday Evening, Feb. 24, 2010,Topic: “FDA Clinical Investigator Inspections Update and FDAs New Expectations for Investigators: 2010 Update”,Speaker: Liz Wool, CCRA, CMT, President and CEO of QD-Quality and Training Solutions, Inc,, Board of Trustees, ACRP – 2010, President, Northern California Chapter
  • BayBio Therapeutic Breakfast, Thursday Morning, February 25, 2010, Topic: “Clinical trials Abroad: Options for smaller Companies with Limited Funds”, Moderator:Desiree Lau ,Associate Practice Executive,Campbell Alliance; Panel Speakers:Boris Iossel, RN, MS, CCRA, President,OSMOS Clinical Research, Inc.; Jorge Fiuza, MD,Senior Director Latin America Operations, Pharm-Olam International; Jacquie Mardell, Former Sr Director of Clinical Operations, Metabolex, Inc.
  • Conference, Tuesday February 23, 2010 to Friday February 26, 2010, Topic: “Bridging the gap between theory and experiment: which theoretical approaches are best suited to solve real problems in nanotechnology and biology?”

See the full list with details for balance of February through March here MeetingListFeb20_10 in a downloadable Word document. Right click to open in a new window.


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