Posted by: Audrey Erbes | April 21, 2010

Bioscience Biz Development Course That Meets Bay Area Licensing Professionals’ Needs

Consider taking the UCSC Extension course Bioscience Business Development: Building Value, Thursday and Friday, June 24-25th, if you haven’t already done so. This two-day intensive course is a great value to life science working professionals where my goal is to provide the equivalent of  “5 years of experience” in applied skill knowledge and resources in life science industry business development. Remember the focus is to serve you and working professionals in our industry–across all sectors. This is not a typical  academic, intellectual experience– although you will be intellectually stimulated–our goal is to provide insights that you can’t get through MBA programs that don’t cover the day-to-day challenges in our industry’s jobs and how to overcome them.

Unlike the for-profit short courses with an out-of-town instructor, the information from which you may remember only 10-20 percent, you will have the opportunity to develop a business plan or in depth opportunity assessment with guidance to add to your career portfolio. And as a result of this project over several months with access to industry databases and other resources, you will better internalize what you learn and be ready to apply it at the workplace. Adult learning theory tells us that you will retain 70-90% of what you hear, see and do in this latter type of class.

This is the same course I initially developed for life science working professionals in the Bay Area and have taught twice a year since 2003.  Note there are two intensive days of classroom work and then two months of individual work coached by me for term project due the end of August. This is ideal for working professionals who travel a lot. Also students can work on their company related project under CDA with me. Out-of-towners can easily add this course to their business trip to Bay Area as well.    Thank you for sharing with current and former colleagues and friends. As a nonprofit receiving no taxpayer support, we depend on word-of-mouth promotion.

Topic: “Bioscience Business Development: Building Value” 2-Day Intensive Course

Speakers: Audrey Erbes, Ph.D. and Gil Mintz, Instructors and 6 Expert Guest Speakers (see bios in attachment)

Date and Time: Thursday and Friday, June 24-25, 2010, 8:30 am – 5 pm

Location: UCSC Extension located at 2505 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara, (easily accessible via highways 101 and 280 from all over the Bay Area)

Cost:   $795 (Early enrollment -$715.50 through June 10)

Registration: For more information and registration, see direct link to course at



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