Posted by: Audrey Erbes | July 3, 2010

Jobs That Crossed My Desk through July 2nd

Hope you’re taking some R&R this weekend and come back next week refreshed and recharged. I’ve posted the current Jobs List for your information (right click on Jobs List and open in new window).  This list also includes jobs from the previous three weeks.

I won’t be sending out new meeting list until end of next week as there are no events I’m aware of this coming holiday week.

If you’d like to take my intensive 2-day of classroom course Bioscience Product Marketing offered at UCSC Ext. in Santa Clara, note the deadline for the 10% discount is Thursday, July 8th.  This unique course covers the process of researching, analyzing and developing a life science product marketing plan and then provides opportunity to write a team-based plan in subsequent balance of term. The content is meant for those involved in the process from all sectors of the life science industry.  See details on page 39-40 of downloadable list of jobs and at

I am pleased to announce guest speakers in addition to our  regular guest lecturers. They will cover very timely topics and include:

  • Christian Schuler, Partner, Simon-Kucher speaking on “Role of Pricing and Reimbursement in Product Management Strategic Planning.” Simon-Kucher work covers all segments of the bioscience industry.
  • Deb Donovan, Consultant, eGold Solutions with presentation on “E-Marketing: Activating Patients in a Web 2.0 World.” Deb has years of experience in Social Media in the medtech industry.

Guest Lecturers:

  • Richard Clark, Senior Director, Operations, Ayrx Therapeutics has over 25 years of successful biotech and pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience, including product, managed care, clinical marketing and sales management.  Topic – “Product Management 101- Developing/Executing The Tactical Plan”
  • Chris Mahoney, MPA, WebMD, is an expert in the use of secondary patient data for pharmaceutical marketing applications, consulting with companies ranging from large global pharmaceutical companies to start-up biotechnology companies a “Patient Adherence: The Impact on Brand Performance.”
  • Charles Versaggi, Ph.D., is president of Versaggi Biocommunications®, a strategic marketing consultancy for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. Topic – “Building Value through Strategic Marketing Planning and Communications.”
  • Steven Wong, B.A., is a senior consultant at Plan A, a strategic marketing consulting firm servicing biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. At Plan A, he has directed numerous consulting engagements, including opportunity assessments, complex population modeling, and therapeutic area. Topic – “Market Research Information Resources.”

Happy July 4th!


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