Posted by: Audrey Erbes | October 19, 2010

What Color is Your Parachute Tips for Today’s Job Seekers

I always recommend reading a recent edition of  What Color is Your Parachute to everyone no matter if you’re looking to change careers, refocus an existing one or in transition. I enjoyed reading the interview of the author Richard Bolles to get his latest tips for our current market–40 years after the first edition and 10 million copies later.

“What career lessons remain the same as they were 40 years ago when the book was first published?
That’s easy. Job-hunting is a repetitive activity in the life of each individual. No one is coming to “save you.” You are the one who is in charge of your job hunt, with whatever allies you may enlist to help you. You must take
yourself as “the given” and find work that matches you — your gifts and passions, not (as is commonly done) taking the job market as “the given” and trying to contort yourself to fit. And you must ask yourself not what do
you do well, but what do you most love to do, because love gives birth to passion, passion gives birth to enthusiasm, and enthusiasm gives birth to energy. Every employer is trying to hire focused, committed energy,
regardless of the field or job.” You can read the full details of interview by clicking on interview and opening in a new window.

The list of Jobs that Crossed My Desk can also be downloaded in the same manner as the article. The past three weeks is included fyi.



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