Posted by: Audrey Erbes | February 17, 2011

Jobs That Crossed My Desk Through Feb. 16th

I attended a great workshop at the San Jose Biocenter today where Barbara Lavery,President of Zoomedia, shared with us what Pharma and Biotech companies are doing with social media to promote their companies and products. She reminded me of the great value that Linked In has today for professionals who want to build and maintain a professional network. But, of course, without nurturing those contacts with phone calls and occasional face-to-face meetings they aren’t much help. You need to know the people that are Linked to you or the whole system doesn’t work.
If the primary link, who might connect you to person of interest in pursuing a position or business contact, doesn’t know you, it’s not likely they can recommend you. I showed a list of Linked In members we shared in common to a person I met for an informational interview to establish rapport. What better way to start a conversation than “I see we know some of the same people. Aren’t Joe and Anita great people to work with.” He didn’t recognize any of the people’s names including the primary link. They were mostly second level links. It reminded me that just adding people’s links who request a link with you isn’t wisest plan for building a useful network to find jobs.
There are jobs out there but there’s a lot of competition in this market. I heard from an HR Director at a major company with 30,000 employees that they received 180,000 applications in the past 12 months. This fact reminds us that you must cultivate an inside contact or direct link to be sure your resume gets in front of the hiring manager.
Unfortunately, I don’t personally know all the contacts for the jobs I list each week in Jobs That Crossed My Desk. They come to me through primary contacts most of the time. It’s better to start with a contact which gives you edge in contacting hiring manager or HR inside a company. Sometimes I only have the website url but that is seldom.
This week’s list Jobs That Crossed My Desk Through Feb. 16th is provided for your information or sharing with your acquaintances who might have a need for this information.  Right click on the highlighted title and open the pdf in a new window.
Try not to let the rain dampen your spirits–I promise you that the sunny weather will return.

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