Posted by: Audrey Erbes | February 23, 2011

Pharma Plans for BRIC Countries Under Stress and Jobs This Week

In an article entitled “China: Business As UNusual,” in the Feb. 1st, 2011 issue of Pharmaceutical Executive, Jon Zifferblatt traces the many changes in the Chinese medical system and their potential impact on business strategies of international pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare companies. One of the first conclusions is that the State controlled plan for change will not pay for higher priced “branded generics” from which overseas multinationals have enjoyed growing profit and been investing in as they cut sales forces in the U.S. and Europe.  All the  incentives for hospitals and doctors to prescribe the higher priced products will disappear and the cheap domestic manufactured generics will become the prescribed norm. There are many changes at the national level planned which might be slightly different at the regional and local level as authorities there reinterpret the directives from the government. International firms will need to do some scrambling and change their strategy to adapt to these changes—they will likely be left with innovative drugs and consumer products through the drugstores as the alternative paths for benefiting from the growth of the Chinese drug market. See the full article  for details of impact on wholesalers, physicians, drug stores, pricing, etc.

International pharma companies have been dealt another blow in their latest strategic plans to take advantage of the improving economies, growth of middle class and undeveloped ethical pharmaceutical sectors in the BRIC countries. Prime Minister Valimir Putin warned that Pharmas will face restrictions in Russia if they fail to boost local production and transfer technology to Russian industry. Russia has announced they are investing $3.8 billion to expand the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in response to Putin’s plan to make this sector a priority in increasing the country’s industrial strength. In response several pharma giants, which already have facilities in Russia, have announced plans to ramp up manufacturing in the country and earn the status of local producers. See the full article “Big Pharma reacts to Putin’s warning by increasing Russian manufacturing” by Alexandria Pešić, Jan. 26, 2011.

I’ve attached Jobs That Crossed my Desk through Feb. 23, 2011 for review. This listing includes this week’s as well as those from the previous two weeks. Note I am not a recruiter and only pass on these contacts and job listings as complementary service to industry professionals.  (Right click on the highlighted title and open the link in a new window.)

See details about my next course UCSC Extension Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials, Thursday and Friday, March 13-14 on pp. 70-71 of the list. This is a great course to learn how to research and analyze the life science industry and formulate recommendations and take decisions in all functions of the various industry sectors. You can also find information at



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