Posted by: Audrey Erbes | March 25, 2011

Create A Work Document for Your Career Portfolio and Jobs

My Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials course offered Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2011 at UCSC Extension in Santa Clara is like no other. It provides a chance to learn how to research, analyze and make recommendations and decisions for life science industry business and market challenges from experienced industry professionals who are open to sharing their expertise. The two-days of intensive classroom instruction are followed by two months of mentored work developing a work product. Students will go away with deep understanding of the workings and drivers of the industry and critical applied knowledge ready to implement in the execution of their work function.

The instructor’s goal is that needed business and marketing knowledge become integrated with the student’s current capabilities–a part of their career repertoire. Unlike other applied courses offered in the Bay Area which provide only passive learning, students will practice their learnings from the intensive classroom work in a real world project under the mentorship of the instructor. Students will acquire knowledge of the resources identified by the instructor who has more than 30 years experience in developing business and marketing work documents that served as foundation for making needed recommendations and critical decisions for the future of a product or business.

In addition, registered students during this term will have access to Elsevier/Windhover’s premier subscription databases, including: In Vivo, Start Up, Medtech Insight, The RPM Report, Inteleos (clinical information) and Strategic Transactions, a licensing/deal database across all sectors in preparation of their investment assessment assignment due in mid June. Here’s a chance to prepare nonconfidential work product to show hiring managers, inside and outside your company, to demonstrate your abilities in support the advancement of your career.

Be sure to take advantage of 10% discount through March 31st. See details below the signature line and at


You might want to look at the  Jobs That Crossed My Desk this past week which also includes those I’ve received over the past three weeks. I’ve provided the names and contact information for recruiters to help you gain access to hiring managers more easily. In today’s market, online listed jobs have become like newspaper ads were in earlier decades. There are hundreds of applicants for each position so it’s essential you have a network and contacts to get access to present your application to the hiring manager.

Do the necessary research on the company so you are able to differentiate yourself from others once you successfully get the access. You’re more than just a “degree,” you need to tell how you will deliver solutions that companies need to solve their problems.

Don’t forget to join the Bio2Device Group (free membership) and access jobs listed separately on their website. See list of their weekly meetings in my Audrey’s Picks each week found on my blog.



Try to stay dry in this wet season that surrounds us and keep learning and growing your skills.



UCSC Extension Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials, April 14-15, 2011


Dates and Times: Thursday and Friday, April 14-15, 2011

Location: UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley, 2505 Augustine Drive, Santa Clara

Tuition: $800 ($720 through March 31, 2011) Details at


Audrey Erbes, Ph.D., Principal, Erbes & Associates, is a marketing professional with more than 25 years of managerial experience in marketing and business development in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. She is also a recognized speaker and industry blogger at She was Executive Vice President and cofounder of Kowa Research Institute, a biopharmaceutical licensing and investment subsidiary of Kowa Company Ltd., Japan. Prior to that, she held man­agement positions at Syntex Corp. (acquired by Roche) in market research, product management, strategic marketing and planning, and business development in the U.S. and abroad, with a special emphasis on Europe and Asia/Pacific/Canada.

Guest Speakers:

Donald Holsten, Pharm D., a regulatory consultant and educator with over 20 years of national and international experience as a senior regulatory affairs and quality assurance executive, has expertise in food, drug/biopharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic products. He has an intimate knowledge of the FDA approval cycle and has helped prepare numerous biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies for FDA interactions and panel reviews. Don has held management positions at several companies, including Liposome Technology, Inc and Oclassen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he was Director of Regulatory Affairs/Quality Assurance and Director of Regulatory Affairs, respectively. Earlier in his career he held a senior level position as Assistant Chief, Food and Drug Branch, Department of Health Services for the State of California. Topic: “Operating in the U.S. Regulatory Environment: Is Product Approvable.”

Richard Clark, a biotech commerialization and marketing consultant was most recently Senior Director Operations, ARYx Therapeutics, which discovered and developed novel drugs for large, chronic disease markets, unresolved by currently available therapies due to limitations in drug metabolism problems. Richard has extensive cross-functional biotech experience in large and small companies, including Genentech where he was in Managed Care and Product Management following a successful sales career with them, with a current focus on managing all aspects of commercial development, including target product profile and value proposition development, forecasting, portfolio management, and clinical trial enrollment strategy. He has a Bachelor’s of Science from Missouri State University. Topic: “The Impact of U.S. Health Care System on Marketing Biotech Products.”

Julie Tompkins, M.B.A., is senior vice president at Timely Data Resources (TDR), a healthcare market research and consulting firm. She has nearly 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech arenas, including more than 12 years in industry and more than 20 years in market research consulting, and has worked with pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and drug delivery systems. At Syntex (now Roche), Julie worked in both R&D and Marketing. After leaving Syntex, Julie was President and Founder of MedSearch, a primary market research company that merged with TDR in January 2000. Topic: “The Role of Market Research in Product Planning, Development and Marketing”.

Topic Description

The bioscience industry is like no other. Lengthy timelines and unique financial, legal, regulatory, social, political, and health care system challenges impose constraints that impact every aspect of the business. This course will help you understand the dynamic bioscience industry landscape; appreciate important business drivers and challenges in the industry; gain insight into the critical roles that business and marketing disciplines play at all stages of a bioscience company’s development; and learn the skills needed to develop key documents to inform important business decisions.

Experienced and novice business and marketing professionals–as well as scientific, clinical, regulatory, financial and legal professionals–can benefit from this practical introduction to the business and marketing facets of the bioscience industry.

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