Posted by: Audrey Erbes | April 2, 2011

Advocate for Reauthorization of SBIR and STTR Grants Plus Industry Event Picks

This email is devoted to events and activities. First, become a part of biotech industry call to action to advocate for reauthorization with increase in funding of SBIR and STTR grants. With less traditional funding sources available, research funding by NIH and other government departments is more critical than ever to support innovation.

The Senate Small Business Committee voted 18-1 to pass the SBIR & STTR Reauthorization Act of 2011.  This bill includes provisions that would allow 25 percent of NIH, NSF and DOE grants to go to majority VC-backed companies.  BayBio leadership believes that the legislation will move to the Senate floor next week. Let your Senators hear from you. Consider communicating with Senators Boxer and Feinstein to register your support.  Go to BayBio Advocacy Center for easy access to be included in effort at

This week’s event highlights appear below:

  • BioCentury TV Today, Sunday Morning, April 3, 2011; Topic: “Makena Blow-Up in Washington A Picture of Public Reaction to Drug Pricing;” Speakers: Sen. Sherrod Brown Versant Ventures and Paul Laikind of Sanford-Burnham; Eric Dezenhall, Co-founder and CEO of crisis communications specialist Dezenhall Resources
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, April 5, 2011; Topic: “Social Media for Medtech: Yes, You Can and Here Is How to Start;” Speaker: Debbie Donovan, Consultant at eGold Solutions
  • San Jose Biocenter, Wednesday Midday, April 6, 2011; Topic: “All About Science – The Road to Biologic IND;” Speakers: Bob Burford, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Laureate Pharma and Mike Ultee, Chief Scientific Officer, Laureate Pharma
  • CABS, Saturday Afternoon, April 9, 2011; Topic: “Seminar: Career Beyond Science and Technology;” Panelists: Cheni Kwok, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, Poniard Parmaceuticals; Keting Chu, Ph.D., CEO/Cofounder of DigitAB, Cofounder of Five Prime Therapeutics; Jenny Zhong, PMP, Senior Global Project Manager, PDP, Genentech; Janet Xiao, Ph.D. J.D., Partner, Morrison Foerster

Note special opportunity to hear Debbie Donovan who has successful experience with using social media for promotion of medical device products at several area medtech companies where she worked as well as her subsequent clients. This is “must hear” presentation for you considering using social media for bioscience product marketing.

Don’t forget to check out my UCSC Extension Bioscience Business and Marketing Essentials class and learn how to do research, analysis for business and marketing recommendations and decisions the way experienced life science professionals do. In addition to two days of classroom work, the instructor provides mentoring for a project using the Windhover clinical and deal databases and their periodicals as well as rich list of resources suggested by the instructor.

Here is the complete list of Audrey’s Picks for industry events through some in June for your information in planning your continuing learning and networking. Just right click on highlighted title and open in a new window.

My last suggestion for an activity—get out and smell the flowers as soon as possible! I guarantee you’ll feel 100% better despite the lingering dark clouds that are still very much present in the background.



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