Posted by: Audrey Erbes | March 19, 2012

Consider Signing Petition to White House to Increase NIH Funding

Recent reports on funding sources for start up, seed stage companies indicate that venture capital funding has dried up as VCs move away from the life science arena to what they consider less risky social media with time line to exit they prefer. There isn’t sufficient angel funding to fill the gap and big pharma companies haven’t accepted the need for them to step in and fill the vacuum with funding for new companies. Healthy funding of NIH is critical to the future of creation of new deserving companies and product innovation.

Consider signing a petition to the White House to Increase NIH funding to $33 billion! After years of decreases and flat funding since 2003, the proposed flat $30.7 billion dollars will hurt the economy and medical research! Ask President Obama to instead propose a $33 billion NIH budget for fiscal year 2013!” Sign at

Note you will need to create account to sign the petition. Be sure to return to page to click box to sign petition. Please share with your colleagues and friends if you agree.


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