Posted by: Audrey Erbes | March 23, 2014

A Tribute to A Valiant Cancer Patient Plus Upcoming Events and Jobs

A Tribute to A Brave Patient

This week I want to pay tribute to John “Jay” Geddes Erbes who despite living a productive life filled with good diet and  exercise from all manner of sports passed as a result of malignant Stage IV glioblastoma for which our industry has found no cure. After five months of enduring an initial attempt to remove the aggressive tumor with a craniotomy and then receiving the highly toxic medications included in the guideline therapy for this aggressive cancer of the brain, he died of an apparent side effect from a biologic drug. We were fortunate and grateful to have had the outstanding expertise and excellent patient care by the team of physicians and nurses at UCSF and the surgery performed by a Palo Alto Medical Foundation neurosurgeon trained at UCSF. El Camino Hospital in Mountain View was an outstanding center of surgical care as well as care of the families of the patients. We learned that those in our geographic area are truly blessed with outstanding medical access.

Jay  was a valiant patient and never gave up. Our current healthcare expertise failed him and spurs me on to support investment in innovation in oncology. He carried around a cell phone with both a video of his winning a foot race in Olympia, Greece in July and an MRI film of his tumor only partially removed in August. He told folks that he had fulfilled his bucket list and got in his one final wish for a “jog” at Pismo Beach on the Central Coast on Jan. 14th, when we experienced an unusually hot week prior to his sudden and unexpected death from a drug side effect. We need to continue to work on developing more efficacious cures without the side level of side effects for most cancer therapies.

Upcoming Events This Week

  • Highlights for this Coming Week’s Life Science EventsBioCentury This Week, See new program Webcast Starting Sunday, March 16, 2014,, Available anytime starting at 9:00 a.m. EDT;  Topic: “Profiles in Innovation: VEGF Visionary; Also ASCO’s Ominous Forecast”
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, March 25, 2014; Topic: “Arbor Vita’s OncoE6TM Cervical Test – a novel, simple and specific approach to meet challenges of worldwide screening for HPV induced cancers;” Speaker: Johannes Schweizer, Vice President of Research and Development, Arbor Vita Corporation
  • GGPF Dinner Lecture, Tuesday Evening, March 25, 2014; Topic: “Beyond Ethanol:  Development of Advanced Biofuels at the Joint BioEnergy Institute;” Speaker: Blake A. Simmons, Ph.D., Vice-President, Deconstruction Division, the Joint BioEnergy Institute
  • BioDesign, Wednesday Evening, March 26, 2014; Topic: “From the Innovator’s Workbench;” Speaker: André Michel Ballester, Chief Executive Officer, Sorin Group
  • Clinipage Worldwide, Wednesday Morning, March 26, 2014; Webinar Topic: “Mapping a Path to Market—Creating a Comprehensive Drug Development Strategy;” Panelists: Brenda Fielding, Executive Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Clinipace Worldwide; Monika Frey, Vice President, Global Clinical Operations, Clinipace Worldwide and Nik Burlew, Vice President, Quality Systems, Clinipace Worldwide
  • BOLD, Thursday Morning, March 27, 2014; Topic: “Disruption and Opportunity: The Leaders’ Role in Creating the Future of Work;” Guest Speakers: Steven Kowaiski, PH.D., Executive Development, Genentech;Ann Bamesberger, Head of Workplace Effectiveness, Genentech; Mark Bagnall, most recently President and CEO of GenturaDx and Kaye Foster-Cheek, most recently Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources for Onyx Pharmaceuticals
  • AAPS-BADG / CACO-PBSS, Thursday Evening, March 27, 2014; Topic: ”AAPS-BADG / CACO-PBSS Joint Dinner Seminars:
    • Pediatric Drugs—A Review of Commercially Available Oral Drug Products (Dr. Robert Strickley, Principal Scientist, Gilead Sciences)

    and Discovery of a New Drug Candidate for Transthyretin-Folding Diseases

    •  (Dr. Mamoun Alhamadsheh, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry, University of the Pacific)
  • EPPI, Saturday, March 29, 2014; Topic: “EPPICon 2014: Interdisciplinary Innovations in Life Sciences”

I hope to see some of you at my upcoming course April 10-11. I remind you that “Life Science Business and Marketing: Their Integral Role for Success” provides a great opportunity for you to better understand the life science industry including its pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and tool sectors. All registered students will have free access to Elsevier’s premier licensing/deal database Strategic Transactions covering all industry sectors plus In Vivo, Start Up, Medtech Insight, and The RPM Report for two months. It’s an opportunity to do a project with guidance from the instructor and access to these great resources in addition to extensive listing of online resources developed by the instructor. You can locate course online and register at


Students receive an extensive student reader with lecture slides for note taking, lists of Internet-accessible information resources and gratis access to selected otherwise paid Elsevier subscription databases to assist in researching their optional term project.

Who Will Benefit from This Course

Experienced and newer business and marketing professionals–as well as scientific, clinical, regulatory, and legal professionals–can benefit from this introduction to the important business and marketing aspects of the life science industry and how to research and develop solutions to handle its challenges.

Course Director

Audrey Erbes, Ph.D., is a global life-science business development and marketing consul­tant, industry blogger at, organization leader, public speaker and developer of customized executive education. She is known for her industry blog publications on She had 25 years of corporate managerial experience in the biopharmaceutical industry including Executive Vice President and Cofounder of Kowa Research Institute, a biopharmaceutical licensing and investment subsidiary of Kowa Company Ltd., Japan. Before that she held both U.S. and international man­agement positions at Syntex Corp. (acquired by Roche) in market research, product management, strategic marketing, and business development with a special emphasis on Europe and Asia/Pacific/Canada.

Guest Speakers and Their Topics

Joyce L Chiarenza, Chiarenza Consulting, L.L.C. is a regulatory affairs, labeling expert and clinical compliance certified professional with over 40 years of pharmaceutical and biotech experience. She held managerial positions in quality control, quality assurance, compliance and regulatory affairs. After more than 16 years at Genentech, Inc., she became a regulatory affairs consultant, specializing in labeling, advertising and promotion, and clinical compliance. Prior to Genentech she worked in quality with Abbott Laboratories and for three years worked in area of vitamins, food supplements and cosmetics.

Joyce holds a B.S. degree in Child Psychology and Special Education Credentials from California State University at Northridge. In 2010, she received her certification as a Clinical Compliance Professional. Topic: “Operating in the U.S. Regulatory Environment: Is Product Approvable”

Linda L. Schock is the Director of Commercial Compliance & Government Programs at Compliance Implementation Services (CIS) and responsible for opening the CIS West Coast office in Burlingame, California.   Ms. Schock brings over 20 years of industry experience ranging from distribution, pricing, Commercial and Government contracting, reimbursement and Patient Support Programs. Prior to joining CIS, Ms. Schock worked at NeurogesX as Director, Commercial Operations from 2009-2011 and CV Therapeutics from 2005 2009. From 2001 to 2005 Ms. Schock was Associate Director, Distribution and Reimbursement within Commercial Operations at Actelion Pharmaceuticals where she was involved in the launch of Tracleer® and the risk management program T.A.P.   Ms. Schock began her career at Genentech, Inc. where she worked in Commercial Operation positions of increasing responsibility from 1987 to 2001. Topic: “Building Effective & Compliant Commercial and Government Contracting Operations: A Case Study”

Carol Gonzalez-Sheak, Ph.D., is currently co-founder and consultant with MindSeed Café. She has more than 25 years healthcare industry experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Recently she has worked as an independent consultant and Principal at CG Biomedical Associates. Prior to that, she was at Merck as Associate Director, Global Customer Insights. She has also served as Director Marketing Research at NPS Pharmaceuticals, and held a prior biotech marketing planning role at Serono. She has also held managerial positions in medical devices market research and planning, and business development at Becton Dickinson, and Kendall Healthcare (Covidien), and Syva/Syntex . She holds a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University, and a Ph.D. in Biopsychology from the University of Georgia, Post Doctoral Fellowship in Psychobiology, Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Topic: “The Impact of U.S. Health Care System on Marketing Life Science Products”

Julie Tompkins, MBA, is Sr. Vice President at Timely Data Resources (TDR), a healthcare market research and consulting firm.  She has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech arenas, including 12 years in industry and more than 20 years in market research consulting, and has worked with pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and drug delivery systems.  At Syntex (acquired by Roche), Julie worked in both R&D and Marketing, including positions as Analytical Chemist, Market Research Analyst, Manager of New Product Planning, and Manager of Market Analysis.  She spent most of her time in Marketing as the primary liaison between Marketing and R&D, serving as a key member on multi-disciplinary project teams and strategic planning committees.  After leaving Syntex, Julie was President and Founder of MedSearch, a primary market research company that merged with TDR in January 2000.  She holds a B.A. in Human Biology from Stanford University and an MBA from Santa Clara University. Topic: “The Role of Market Research in Product Planning, Development and Marketing”

Find all the details for this coming week’s upcoming events plus those through June 2014 in Audreys Picks March 23, 2014. You can also download the pdf of JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough March 23, 2014 along with Audrey’s Picks by right clicking on the highlighted titles. This latter list includes the latest three weeks of positions.

You can always find my weekly blog and listings at



  1. Dear Audrey,

    Thank you for the inspiring blog, and I am very sorry your loss:(

    Best regards, Lucy

    • Thank you for your note, Lucy.

  2. Hello Audrey,

    Very touching note about your husband. Sorry to hear about this loss.

    Palani Balu

    • Thank you for your note, Palani.

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