Posted by: Audrey Erbes | February 1, 2015

Some Political Stories of Note Plus Events and Jobs

We all know that drug development takes too long, costs too much and is becoming more difficult to manage as scientific and technology advances occur even more rapidly.

“Today’s revolution in biomedical science has raised new hope for the prevention, treatment, and cure of severe illnesses. However, there is a growing concern that many of the new basic science discoveries made in recent years may not quickly yield more effective, more affordable, and safe medical products for patients. This is because the current medical product development path is becoming increasingly challenging, inefficient, and costly.” FDA Critical Path Report, 2004

Senate Republicans have addressed this problem and related trends and issues in a report entitled Innovation for Healthier Americans. See full downloadable report at

On this same note, President Obama addressed this issue via his request for $215 million for his precision medicine initiative in the budget. The initiative, mentioned last week in his State of the Union address, is designed to promote wider use of patient-specific medical care, with the aim of delivering new and more effective treatments for diseases. See article entitled “Obama Puts a Price on Precision Medicine” by Alex Philippidis.

The majority of the proposed funding—$130 million—will be provided to NIH toward the development of the research cohort, envisioned as including a million or more volunteers. “Researchers will be given broad access to the cohort, and its data is envisioned to include medical records; gene profiles, metabolites, microorganisms in and on the body; environmental and lifestyle data; patient-generated information; and personal device and sensor data.” Other smaller funds will be given to the FDA.

What do you think Medtech news is this week?—a heated discussion over the impact of the device tax on employment which seems to have drawn some mighty tall tales about the dire impact on hiring and layoffs in the industry. And here I thought it had more to due with slowdown in investments in new startups. See article “Medical device tax: What we talk about when we talk about job losses”  to view the numbers from both sides of the issue.

Upcoming Bay Area Meetings This Week

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Feb. 3, 2015; Topic: “From the Patient and Agency lens – Drug Development and Approval ;” Speaker: Chitra Sharma, Technical Consultant .
  • QB3, Tuesday Afternoon, Feb. 3, 2015; Topic: “Best practices in taxes and accounting for startups;” Speakers: Ryan Fischesser, Partner, BHLF; Brent Hillberg, Partner, BHLF and Robbie Lewis, Partner, BHLF
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, Feb. 5, 2015; Topic: “Scalable Microfluidic Design to Advance Precision Bioseparations;” Speaker: Professor Amy E. Herr, University of California, Berkeley
  • CIE, Saturday Afternoon, Feb. 7, 2015; Event: “Explore the Future Technologies;” Speakers: Dr. Sunil Pandit, Director of Science at Affymetrix, Inc.; Mr. Luke Peterson, Director of Research & Strategy from Imagination Technologies; Mr. Michael Hendricks, Product Line Manager, Automotive, Altera Corp; and Mr. Nick Chong, Head of Product Marketing at Zoom Video Communications

You can download Audreys Picks Feb. 1, 2015 with complete details on the above and other meetings and conferences through May 2015 by right clicking on the highlighted titles. Also see JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough Feb. 1, 2015 for your information. I list mostly jobs in California posted in the last three weeks but you can also find national listings at the websites mentioned.



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