Posted by: Audrey Erbes | August 14, 2016

Life Science Events in the Bay Area This Upcoming Week

I’m so grateful for the Olympics bringing some uplifting news to the media after such negative press emanating from the Presidential campaign. I have felt that our political campaign has been in the gutter. I universally met shock from Europeans with whom I spoke that our country might elect Donald Trump to the presidency during my month travelling in 6 countries.

I was so pleased with the sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work on the part of our athletes, especially, our swimmers.  I was so proud of them.

 Highlights of Upcoming Week of Life Science Events

  • Bio2DeviceGroup, Tuesday Morning, August 16, 2016, Topic: “Volumetric Integral Phase-shift Spectroscopy (VIPS): A New Paradigm in Intracranial Fluid Monitoring;” Speaker: E. Mark Shusterman, MD , Chief Medical Officer , Cerebrotech Medical Systems, Inc.
  • RAPS, Wednesday Evening, August 17, 2016; Topic: “Clinical Evaluation in the EU for Medical Devices—Changing Expectations;” Featured speaker: Keith More, PhD, vice president, regulatory compliance, Qserve Group US Inc
  • HBA, Coffee Chat – South Bay, Saturday Morning, 2016

 You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through September 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks August 14 2016 A list of JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough August 14, 2016 is also available.



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