Posted by: Audrey Erbes | November 13, 2016

The Election if Over, Now What Happens?

The election results have left the majority of Americans in some form of shock and most haven’t been able to start working through stages of grief as yet. We fortunately have two months of transition to get organized. Some would say it is greed and international corporate values that have produced the state of depression that led the nonracist working class members of Trump voters to support him. They were looking for quick fix financial inequality from which they suffer and see him as potentially using nontraditional methods to achieve it.  What they don’t recognize with their information sourcing that he is not as successful a businessman as he claims and that his associates share his misogynic, racist, sexist, dishonest and fascist values.

But among.his voters are also upper middle class folks who see his election as making it okay to want more money despite its impact on the rest of the citizenry. He seemed to be able to get away with achieving wealth without suffering any empathy for those less off or showing any civic mindedness.  I’d seen this among the neauveau riche in our industry. I see a lot of folks who never learned to share their toys and have grandiose sense of entitlement.

We recognize It is time to reflect and plan hoe to overcome the potential rapid infusion of Trump ways and values into our industry and the larger culture. Although we may still be reeling, we need to channel our feelings and energy in a positive way. The more authoritarian among us already are reprimanding us to get other it but I suggest joining a nonprofit to help fight Trump values taking over, reconsider what are best ways to achieve improvements in our economy and protect our brothers and sisters who have brought such dynamism and innovation to us in California. This is not the time for blame but rather getting in gear together for movement forward.

Highlights of Upcoming Life Science Events from November. 13, 2016

  • JLABS, Monday, Nov. 14, 2016;Topic:” Making the Connections: A Roadmap for Success at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference;”Speakers:Shelley Chu | Partner, Abingworth; William J. Newell | CEO, Sutro Biopharma;  Lesley Stolz, Ph.D. | Head, JLABS, CA
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Nov. 15, 2016, Topic: “Human Factors – What does this really mean for medical devices?” Speaker: Shannon Clark, Founder and CEO, UserWise
  • JLABS, Tuesday Mid Day, Nov. 15, 2016,Topic: “Out of the Lab and into the Newsroom;” Speakers: Carin Canale-Theakston | President and Founder, Canale Communications; Victoria Colliver | Health Reporter, San Francisco Chronicle; Michael Fitzhugh | Staff Writer, BioWorld Today; Ron Leuty | Biotech Reporter, San Francisco Business Times; Susan Schaeffer | Editor, BioCentury
  • Golden Gate Polymer Forum, Wednesday Evening, Nov. 16, 2016; Event: GGPF Dinner Lecture “A Framework for Integrated Product Design and Control in 21st Century Manufacturing Processes: Application to Polymer Nanocomposites;” Speaker: Prof. Babatunde Ogunnaike, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering University of Delaware
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, Nov. 16, 2016; Topic: “From Cholera to Zika: Development Pathways for Prophylactic Vaccines,” Speaker: Nima Farzan, Chief Executive Officer & President, PaxVax


You can download the details for the upcoming events this week and those through December 2016 with audreys-picks-nov-13-2016.


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