Posted by: Audrey Erbes | January 29, 2017

Can We Avoid Potential Chaos in Wake of Trump’s Health Care Actions?

I often feel overwhelmed by the actions of Trump and his advisors and frustrated as to how to respond to stop his immoral and unjust actions, seemingly designed to create chaos and give attention to himself through constant media coverage. His attacks on healthcare with vacillation on his intent with regard to Medicaid and Medicare as well as the replacement for Obama care are frightening. Watching the resulting disruption created by his pronouncements, apparently authored by Bannon without any careful review, are chilling. I agree with others that it feels like the Twilight Zone. The deliberate departures from never before contested ethical and behavioral expectations is not normal. But these are not normal times.

I learned a long time ago that you can’t reason with irrational people but you can build boundaries to not get hooked into their craziness as I tried to do during the election. Now when considering what action to take that will work to unseat him is different. We are drawing on methods of Tea Party and standing up by putting pressure on our elected congressmen and showing up. These latter methods are having impact on reversing his Executive Orders this past week. But we need to develop a successful strategy to get all the irrational members of his staff including Stephen Bannon and, more recently, Gen. Michael Flynn, as well as Trump out of White House asap and thwart their hateful, irrational acts in the meantime.

The below article gave me new way to think about how to fight his attacks on established health care programs and undermine his actions. (

The first attack out the gate on Obamacare and seeming lack of rational replacement plan are driving the health care market crazy and introducing a lot of instability for health care providers, patients and insurers. At first pursuing an election promise of repealing Obamacare was extremely appealing to Republican representatives and Senators, but now that they will own a destroyed health care system to be called Trumpcare is rather frightening to them. There are several alternative Republican plans being considered but no matter what they choose, they will throw the system into chaos and have to spend far more money (something the conservatives abhor and wanted to avoid) as well as potentially throw election of 2018 and 2020 back to Democrats. A recent leak of lawmaker’ statements from their retreat indicate they are not supportive of the Trump staff actions.

So how do we proceed in the face of the threat to healthcare? There is the nomination of Tom Price to head the Department of Health and Human Services which moved from review by Health Committee to that of Finance Committee. Republicans committee members seem ready to approve him so it is unclear whether Democratic opposition can win out.

Overview of Bay Area Life Science Events Week of Jan. 30, 2017

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Jan. 31, 2017, Topic: GutCheck: an “EKG for the Gut,” Speaker: Steve Axelrod, CEO, G-Tech Medical
  • QB3, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, Event: Join the QB3/Rosenman Institute tour of Applied Materials’ state-of-the-art materials fab in Sunnyvale
  • HBA, Tuesday MidDay, Jan. 31, 2017, Event: Webinar – Coaches, Mentors and Sponsors: Why You Need This Trio for Career Success
  • Palo Alto AWIS, Tuesday Evening, Jan. 31, 2017, Topic: “Learn to Lead: Conduct Your Orchestra”
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, Feb. 2, 2017, Topic: “Moving Beyond Wearables: Flexible Hybrid Electronics and Human Monitoring, Speaker: Paul Semenza, Director of Commercialization, NextFlex-America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute

You can download the details for the upcoming events this week and those through April 2017 with audreys-picks-jan-29-2017.




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