Posted by: Audrey Erbes | April 10, 2017

Revised Trumpcare Doesn’t Gain Traction

Revised Trump Care Doesn’t  Gain Traction

For a brief time last week, Paul Ryan tried to resuscitate effort to pass revised version of Trumpcare. The even more unsatisfactory bill died quickly.

Meanwhile Tom Price is in action trying to turn back healthcare in other ways to achieve budget cuts for the wealthy off backs of middle class and working class citizens. Efforts to attack women’s health care and reproductive rights and reduce Planned Parenthood services are central. These guys don’t get the value of Planned Parenthood providing trusted services for women across the country which for-profit providers don’t provide.

Highlights of This Week’s Bay Area Life Science Events

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, April 11, 2017, Topic: ”Integrated, Intelligent SmartDermal™ Therapeutics,” Speaker: Patrick Ruane, Ph.D., Senior VP Research and Development, Chrono Therapeutics
  • CLSA, Tuesday MidDay, April 11, 2017, Event: “Lunch & Learn – Common Stock Valuations: Myths and Reality,” Speakers: Angela Rusakova, Lead Client Service and Audit Partner; Camron Uhr, Managing Director, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP
  • WIB, Wednesday Evening, April 12, 2017, Subject: WIB-National Webinar “Risky Business: Mitigating Risk in the Life Sciences,” Speaker: Gretchen Stup, Sr. Consultant at Latham Biopham Group

You can download the details for the upcoming events this week and those through June 2017 with Audreys Picks April 10, 2017.



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