Posted by: Audrey Erbes | May 8, 2017

House Republicans Tell Lies About AHCA Version They Just Passed

House Republicans Throw Caution to Winds and Pass Absurb AHCA

The House just approved the American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) with two new amendments without even getting nonpartisan Budget Office review. Essentially pleasing Trump was more important than keeping their commitments to constituents made while considering the AHCA earlier. This bill is far worse and removes the essential health benefits that expanded health care to millions under the Affordable Care Act. They were in a hurry to deliver passage and head out for spring break without even considering the severe impact on over 20 million who will lose care. Along with schoolboy Paul Ryan they had a beer party in the Rose Garden to celebrate a bill which now will move to the Senate for more serious consideration and potentially a total redo.

Tom Price is another huckster who aggressively sells ideas without need to be truthful and never answers the questions being asked about his sales pitch. In discussing the just passed AHCA bill by the House, he claims that there are no cuts to the Medicaid program, but rather resources would be doled out “in a way that allows states greater flexibility.” Ultimately, he insisted, patients would benefit. “Imagine a system that works better for patients.” “What we’re fashioning is a system that would allow the states to tailor their Medicaid program to those specific individuals, thereby saving money, yes, but also making it so that they have a higher level of care than they currently do. That sounds like it makes a lot of sense.” There is no truth in his claims but he sounds so authoritative in his statements.

Price repeated the same logic during  interview on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, May 7th. “What we’re trying to do is to improve the Medicaid system, make it more responsive to patients so that there are more resources to be able to be utilized for the disabled and the aged. That makes a whole lot of sense,” he said. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell repeatedly tried to press him on the issue but finally gave up: “I think a lot of people wonder how taking more than $800 billion out of something is going to put more resources in it.”(Source HHS Chief Insists Cutting Nearly $1 Trillion From Medicaid Will Help Patients, written by Daniel Politi, Slate

Annie Kuster’s campaign for Congress summarizes the impact of this new attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare as follows:

  • “Allows insurance companies to discriminate against or even deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Eliminates insurance coverage for veterans who rely on the Affordable Care Act.
  • Cuts Medicare and Medicaid, raising health care costs for America’s seniors and low income families.
  • Guts essential health benefits, including prescription drugs, emergency services, hospitalization, pregnancy, newborn care, mental health and substance misuse services.”

Fortunately, the bill is headed to the Senate where Senators indicate they will start to develop new law from scratch and not rely on House bill for basis. Perhaps a bipartisan approach to repairing Obamacare and delivering a bill good for all can come out of their efforts. The outright lying coming from the White House, Paul Ryan and Tom Price regarding their version is now clear as cover to the real objective of cutting $800 billion dollars from health care spending.

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  • QB3, Late Thursday Afternoon, May 11, 2017; Topic: “Leadership in Biopharma: a Conversation with John Milligan, CEO of Gilead Sciences;” Speakers: John Milligan, CEO, Gilead Sciences; Harold E. “Barry” Selick, Ph.D. CEO, Threshold; Brook Byers, Founding Partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

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