Posted by: Audrey Erbes | May 17, 2017

What Does Lowering Taxes for Wealthy Have to Do with Improving Health Care?

Why Has Lowering Taxes for Wealthy Become Focus of Improving Health Care?

At this point in the President 45 tenure, nothing should surprise us. It seems dumb to take $880 billion dollars out of the health care supported by the government known as Obamacare to provide major tax cuts for the wealthy.  How can the government provide improvements in the Affordable Care Act which everyone knows needs to happen to improve healthcare by gutting the funding of health care for all and eviscerating provided care.


“The Affordable Care Act is flawed and needs repair. Something has to be done to control the rising cost of health care. That is what we should be trying to address. Lowering taxes on the wealthy should not be the focus of Congressional reform of healthcare. But that is the focus of this legislation. They want to lower taxes and lower the standards that health insurance companies must meet….Republicans think the way to reduce healthcare costs is to allow insurance companies to cover less.” Obamacare succeeded in improving the level of coverage insurance companies would have to provide. That is one of the things we should not change. We have to find another way to lower premiums and other costs. Source: “New GOP Health Care Plan Is Dumb,” by Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News, May 4, 2017 at


The House is pleased that the American Health Care Act has now moved over to the Senate for consideration. Trump and Ryan are celebrating the passage of this flawed, worsened bill in the House as if it achieved an important victory in providing an improvement over the Obamacare bill. Senators are expected to slow down the process and wait for new bill version to be scored by the Congressional Budget Office. One expects the worsened nature of the revised bill will be exposed for citizens to see. House Republicans Narrowly Pass Controversial Bill to Revise Affordable Care Act,” by Ed O’Keefe, Paige Winfield Cunningham and Amy Goldstein, The Washington Post, May 4, 2017 at

Meanwhile, Trump has not upheld his promises to voters and seemingly doesn’t care. He has his plate full with saving his presidency as the demands for his impeachment expand and get louder. The appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller today by the Justice Department as special counsel to oversee a federal investigation into potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election means that this investigation is finally serious and Trump won’t be able to table it. See article “Former FBI Director Robert Mueller appointed to lead Trump-Russia investigation” at

Upcoming Life Science Meetings in Bay Area Week of May 21,2017

  • BioPharma PM Conference, Monday-Wednesday, May 22-24, 2017, Event: Stepping Up and Stepping Out
  • Golden Gate Polymer Forum , Monday Evening, May 22,2017,Topic: “”Self-Assembly of Polymer-Grafted Nanocrystals via Solvent Annealing,” Speaker: Ricardo Ruiz, Western Digital Corporation
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, May 23, 2017, Topic: “Sterilization,” Speaker:  Larry Nichols, CEO, Steri-Tek
  • JLABS, Tuesday Morning, May 23, 2017, Topic: “Rough seas or smooth sailing? Navigating Collaboration Agreements;” Speakers: Angela Rusakova | Lead Client Service and Audit Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP;Yelda Kaya | Sr. Director Transactions, Johnson & Johnson Innovation; William J. Newell | CEO, Sutro Biopharma; Moderator: Lesley Stolz | Head of JLABS, CA, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, May 24, 2017, Topic: “Circulatory Factors as Modulators of Brain Function and Aging;” Speaker: Tony Wyss-Coray, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology, Stanford University, Co-Founder, Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Alkahest

You can download the details for the upcoming events this week and those through June 2017 with Audreys Picks May 17, 2017.



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