Posted by: Audrey Erbes | October 7, 2017

Republicans Use Sleight of Hand to Achieve Major Tax Cuts

Republicans Use Sleight of Hand to Achieve  Major Tax Cut for Wealthy and Corporations

John McCain’s lecture on passing legislation the way it was intended in the Constitution didn’t stick long with party leaders.  You thought you had seen the worst with Trumpcare 1, 2 and 3. You haven’t seen anything yet. They have now put together legislative program to again use reconciliation procedure that only requires 50 vote requirement to pass major legislation but also will use deceptive promises without any intent of delivering on them. The large tax cut is still prime driver with major social programs used to fund it over time. There is no true plan to balance the budget—just an appearance that $4.1 trillion budget they just passed in House will make everything right.

What it doesn’t do—stop threats to repeal Obamacare, give tax cuts to middle and lower classes, leave Medicare untouched as promised by Trump, reform Medicaid and strengthen Medicare as assured by Paul Ryan R-Wis. Ryan just uses the positive language to disguise his malevolent economic plans. This most recent plan includes controversial steps to turn Medicare into a voucher-like program for future retirees

The House measure calls for more than $5 trillion in spending cuts over the next 10 years promising to slash Medicaid by about $1 trillion and cutting other health care costs plus cutting other domestic programs in future years. We went through this before—tax cuts to the wealthy which were supposed to put money into the economy—but didn’t. Just like repatriation of corporate profits were supposed to be invested in creating new jobs but instead  were used for companies to buy back company stock.

(Andrew Taylor, The Associated Press, Oct. 6, 2017 found at

Highlights of Bay Area Bioscience Events Week of Oct. 7, 2017

  • QB3, Tuesday MidDay, Oct. 10, 2017, Topic: “Business Model Innovation: Designing Strategies for the Future”
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 10, 2017, Topic: The Next Generation In-Vivo Discovery Platform; using technology to advance and accelerate drug development, Speakers: Larry Stevens & Abe Couse, (LS) Vice President Technology Operations; (AC) Vice President of Marketing (Co-Presenter), Vium
  • EPPIC Global, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 10, 2017, Topic: Spotlight Event on Neural Prosthetics, Speaker: Professor Krishna Shenoy, Neural Prosthetic Systems Lab, Stanford University
  • PBSS, Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017, Minisymposium Topic: “Immunogenicity of Biologic Therapeutics”
  • East Bay AWIS, Thursday Evenng, Oct. 12, 2017, Topic: “The Equity Equation,” Speaker: Mary Russell, attorney counsel to individual contributors, executives and founders on their personal interests in startup equity including:
  • CBA, Saturday Oct. 14, 2017, Event: “Annual Chinese Bioscience Association Conference,” Theme: Promoting Biosciences for Better Human Health- CBA 20th Anniversary

You can download the details for the upcoming events this week and those through Feb. 2018 with Audreys Picks Oct. 7, 2017.


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