Highlights of Bay Area Bioscience Events Week of May 1, 2016

  • BioDesign at Stanford, Monday Evening, May 2, 2016; Event: “Stanford Biodesign, 15 Years of Innovation: Past, Present and Future Perspectives;” Impressive list of speakers on panel
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, May 3, 2016; Topic: “Launching telemedicine devices abroad: a case study in CV;” Speakers: Srikanth Jadcherla, Professor and Chairman of the Board, Global Technology University, Chairman of the Board, Piitech Inc. and Dr. Rich Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, PiiTech
  • ASQ, Wednesday Evening, April 27, 2016, Event: Medical Device Cybersecurity (including Device Software Interoperability); Speaker: Dr. Geetha Rao, CEO of Springborne Life Sciences
  • BMES Industry Group: San Francisco/Bay Area, Tuesday Evening, May 3, 2016; Topic: “What Should Healthcare Innovation in Emerging Markets Be Focused On: New Product Ideas or Market Development?” Speaker: Dr. Anurag Mairal, MedTech Innovator, Academic, Entrepreneur
  • Stanford Law Program in Law, Science and Technology, Wednesday, May 4, 2016; Event: Stanford IP Law And The Biosciences Conference; Confirmed Speakers: Victoria Brewster, Fisherbroyles, Llp; Trevor Cook, Wilmerhale; John Duffy, University Of Virginia School Of Law; Rebecca Eisenberg, University Of Michigan Law School; Deborah Fishman, Kaye Scholer; Hon. Arthur Gajarsa, Formerly United States Court Of Appeals For The Federal Circuit; Wilmerhale; Robert Galvin, Wilmerhale; Hon. Paul Singh Grewal, United States District Court For The Northern District Of California; Hon. Faith Hochberg, Formerly, United States District Court For The District Of New Jersey;Hon. Susan Illston, United States District Court For The Northern District Of California; William “Bill” Lee, Wilmerhale; Mark Lemley, Durie Tangri Llp; Stanford Law School; Michael Lisi, Ariosa Diagnostics; Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Stanford Law School; Arti Rai, Duke University School Of Law; Hon. James Selna, United States District Court For The Central District Of California; Hon. Gregory Sleet, United States District Court For The District Of Delaware; Laura Storto, Genentech; John “Jay” Thomas, Georgetown Law
  • qb3, Thursday MidDay, May 5, 2016, QB3 Spring 2016 NSF SBIR Bootcamp
  • Bio-X, Saturday, May 7, 2016; “In vitro Vascularized Constructs as Models of Metastatic Cancer”
  • CABS, Saturday, May 7, 2017; Event: 2016 BioPacific Conference

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks May 1, 2016s.





Posted by: Audrey Erbes | April 25, 2016

Upcoming Bioscience Events in Bay Area

Highlights of Upcoming Bay Area Life Science Events

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, April 26, 2016; Topic: “The Ever Changing Startup Environment;” Speaker: Jeffrey J Christian , CEO, Phoenix DeVentures Inc.
  • Bio-X Frontiers, Tuesday, April 26, 2016; Topic: “Integration Of Systems Biology, Tissue Engineering, And Microdevices For Drug Development;” Pre-Seminar Speaker: Ovijit Chaudhuri, Department Of Mechanical Engineering; Seminar Speaker: Linda Griffith, Mit –Integration Of Systems Biology, Tissue Engineering, And Microdevices For Drug Development
  • HBA, Tuesday Evening, April 26, 2016; Event: HBA Dine-Around: The State of International Women’s Health Today; Speaker: Sally Stephens, Senior vice president, corporate development, Medicines360
  • Qb3, Tuesday Mid Day, April 26, 2016; Topic: “Investment Themes in the New Healthcare Marketplace;” Speaker: Nina Kjellson, General Partner, VC firm Canaan Partners
  • Naturejobs Career Expo, Wednesday, April 27,2016; Event: Career Expo
  • WIB-San Francisco Bay Area, Wednesday Evening, April 27, 2016; Topic: “Making the Transition from Academia to Industry;” Panel: Moderator: Maya Benbarak (Genentech) and feature speakers Rebecca Begley (Gilead), Ellen Shen (Gilead), Linda Yu (23andMe), and Jess Porter Abate (Roche).
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, April 27, 2016; Topic: “Discovery of GDC-0853: A Highly Potent, Selective and Non-Covalent Btk Inhibitor;” Speaker: Wendy Young, Ph.D., Vice President of Discovery Chemistry, Genentech

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks April 24, 2016.


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2015 IMS U.S. Drug Spending Growth Report

2015 IMS Drug Spending Growth

Recently released IMS Health Study: “U.S. Drug Spending Growth Reaches 8.5 Percent in 2015” (April 14, 2016) isn’t surprising to those following the market.  That growth was based on total spending of $310 billion in the US resulting from rebates and other price concessions.  (Invoice-based spending was $425 billion.) Savings from new generics of branded drugs was low.  Price increases on brands was limited due to higher rebates and price concessions from manufacturers. Latter seems to be learning that they can’t continue price increases on marketed brands as they did in past.

Cost of specialty drugs increased dramatically and nearly doubled in the last 5 years and patients have seen growth in out-of-pocket expenses as well as access barriers to certain medicines. There was 21.5 percent increase in specialty drug spending to $150.8 billion on invoice price basis in 2015.This is no surprise. Pharma companies have been learning that providers  are looking for rebates and other cost savings to keep total prescription cost down for their covered lives but they try to pass those costs on to patient.

New Active Substances reached 43 in 2015 and these had much higher price tags than past new medicines.  14 non-orphan with new mechanisms of action entered market. New active substance drug launches were notable advances in precision medicines, rare disease therapeutics and chronic disease medicines that could benefit large populations.

The average patient cost exposure for brand prescriptions filled through a commercial plan has increased more than 25 percent since 2010, reaching $44 per prescription last year. We would expect that the population might blame higher costs on Obamacare when it’s actually the impact of higher priced new breakthrough drugs.

See details of above at http://www.imshealth.com/en/about-us/news/ims-health-study-us-drug-spending-growth-reaches-8.5-percent-in-2015

The full version of the report, including a detailed description of the methodology, is available at www.theimsinstitute.org. It can also be downloaded as an app via iTunes athttps://itunes.apple.com/app/ims-institute/id625347542.The study was produced independently as a public service, without industry or government funding.

Overview of Upcoming Bay Area Life Science Meetings

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, April 19, 2016; Topic: “Women’s Sexual Wellness in 2016: Can Great Medical Products Change the Conversation?” Speaker: Holly Rockweiler, CEO & Co-Founder, Madorra
  • JLABS, Wednesday, April 20, 2016; Event: WORKSHOP 2 | IPO Readiness Bootcamp | April 20
  • EMBS, Wednesday Evening, April 20, 2016; Topic: “;” Speaker: Jonathan Sorger, Sr. Director of Medical Research, Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
  • West Coast Chapter PDA, Thursday, April 21, 2016; Event: “Women in the Biopharmaceutical Industry: A Panel Discussion and Networking with Company Leaders”
  • BioPharma Consortium, Friday, April 22, 2016;Topic: “How to Develop a Winning Patent Portfolio;” Speakers: John Storella, Intellectual Property Law For Innovators In Biotechnology and Shirley Recipon, Life Science and Intellectual Property Professional

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks April 17, 2016 A list of jobs is included in JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough April 17, 2016.



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New Treasury Rules Stop Pfizer- Allergan Merger

  • New Treasury Rules Halt Pfizer Attempt at Tax Saving InversionPfizer and Allergan have stopped a $160 billion merger as a result of new Treasury rules that would make the plan less lucrative. If merger had gone through, Pfizer would not have moved its address. The objective was to lower corporate taxes of about $two billion dollars in the U.S. per year with Allergan merger. See http://time.com/4124633/pfizer-allergan-merger-taxes-inversion/. With recent exposure of “Panama Papers” sharing information about hiding assets offshore, the inversion movement by large American corporations to cut taxes in not surprising. I just don’t understand how corporate financial strategists don’t see that they are attempting to use “legal” acts to achieve morally illegal goals.

    I shake my head wondering where this infusion of lack of ethics has entered our business life so wholesale. It has become central to successful business operations. Amerian corporations have placed their shareholders’ financial gain ahead of all other community values or virtues.

    Greed now seems to be imbedded in American business. I look forward to seeing a study that shows if present MBA programs are behind this development among financial professionals and investors and venture capitalists. Or is it running rampant among the population at large.

  • Highlights of Upcoming Week’s Bay Area Events
    • QB3, Tuesday Mid Day, April 12, 2016: Topic: “Friends in Low Places: How I Leveraged Everyone I Know to Start a Company;” Speaker: Colleen Cutcliffe, Whole Biome.
    • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, April 12, 2016; Topic: “Understanding the Hidden But Knowable Pitfalls in Realizing the Full Potential of Your Medical Technology;” Speaker: Joseph Galatowitsch, President, Dymedex Consulting, LLC
    • GABA, Tuesday, April 12, 2016; Event: “Speaker: Karim Dabaggh, PHD, CSO Second Genome; Orli Kadoch, Research and Collaborations Lead, uBiome; Brian Lue, President & CEO NuBiome; Bruno Marchon, PhD, CTO at EpiBiome; Moderator: Katrin Jakob PhD, Co-Founder at White Hawk Software, Founder at California Business Associates
    • JLABS Bay Area, Wednesday Mid Day, April 13, 2016; Topic: “Inspiring Leaders: Derek Herrera – Rebuilding Mind, Body and Business;” Speakers: Derek Herrera | CEO, Spinal Singularity [interviewer]; Renee Ryan | Vice President, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC
    •  , Wednesday Evening, April 13, 2016

    You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks April 10, 2016. A list of jobs is included in JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough April 10, 2016.


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Upcoming Bay Area Bioscience Events Week of April 3, 2016

Highlights of Bay Area Bioscience Events This Coming Week

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, April 5, 2016; Topic: “Microvolution’s Technology Empowers Scientists to Accelerate Medical Research with Greater Accuracy; Speakers: Cassandra Boyer and Marc Bruce, CEO & Co-Founder and CTO & Co-Founder, Microvolution
  • BioX Program Stanford, Thursday Mid Day, April 7, 2016; Topic: “Optical Control and Interrogation of Protein Activity Using Engineered Photoreceptors;” Speaker: Speaker: Bianxiao Cui, Department of Chemistry
  • JLABS, Thursday, April 7, 2016; Event: “Meet with…Sanderling Ventures;” Sanderling Representative: Timothy MillsTimothy Mills | Managing Director, Sanderling Ventures
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, April 7, 2016; Topic: “Exorcising the Silicon Tunnel Vision;” Speaker: Oshiorenoya Agabi, Founder & CEO, Koniku Inc
  • PBSS, Friday, April 8, 2016; Seminar luncheon: “Drug Repurposing for Unmet Medical Needs;” Speakers: Kevin Grimes, MD, MBA (Stanford University)

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks April 3, 2016 A list of jobs is included in JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough April 3, 2016.


Negative Impact on Workforce and Innovation 

A high level Business Development Executive of Genentech made interesting comment at recent conference that the biotech manpower situation is becoming more like that of high tech. After a product is developed or sold and its source R&D company shut down, all the senior staff and those who worked on the product will go out and do another startup. From on high it appears that all professionals just find another “gig” when the VC investors take their exit. This answer lacks understanding of real world of professionals many of whom lose their position after such an exit event and find it difficult to find place in new start up or other emerging company. There just aren’t enough startups to hire these displaced workers.

The entry of new research professionals into area may be giving the impression that biotech employment is stable in the Bay Area. It may be for the aggregate but not from individual perspective. This high level biotech speaker advised there was no manpower problem in biotech but there was in pharma where layoffs have been common as pharma companies depend more and more on startups to provide them new products

Other panelists saw the situation differently and felt that there was value in research and that this VC game of killing off companies doing research is sabotaging the development of great biotechs that might produce many more products from their focus on scientific research beyond the one shot. One noted there hasn’t been a new Genentech created and that is due to lack of respect for research and relying on the short term chase for profits.

Highlights of Upcoming Week’s Meetings

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, March 29, 2016; Topic: “The Future of Medical Innovation: How Value Based Purchasing (VBP) and Bundled Payments Will Transform the Industry;” Speaker: Ted Kucklick , President and CTO, Cannuflow Inc.
  • JLABS, Tuesday Afternoon, March 29, 2016; Topic: “Choose Your Exit: How to Benefit from IPO Preparation;” Speakers: Matthew Hudes | US Managing Principal, Biotechnology, Deloitte Consulting LLP; Angela Rusakova | West Region Life Sciences Audit Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • 7th Annual Bay Area Biomedical Device Conference, Wednesday , March 30, 2016
  • ACRP Virtual Career Fair, Thursday Afternoon, March 31, 2016; Event: “Where Clinical Research Talent Meets Opportunity”
  • South Bay HBA, Saturday, April 2, 2016; Location: Shoreline Lake American Bistro – 3160 N Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys PicksMarch 27, 2016 (Autosaved).

Hope you and your family had a relaxing and refreshing holiday.


Would the Government Negotiating Drug Prices Be a Good Thing?

The fear of government price controls has prevented changing our market-based health care system to a single payer system like those in Canada and other Western European countries. The assumption has been that innovation would be eliminated. Rather isn’t the question has single payer health care systems proven to destroy drug innovations? Dana Goldman, Ph.D. and director of the USC Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics takes this latter position: “Price controls lower spending, there’s no doubt, but they also reduce research and development. When we reduce research and development spending, we reduce innovation. And when we reduce innovation, we get worse health going forward.” See article at https://medium.com/@CALifeSciences/dana-goldman-q-a-with-clsa-the-downside-of-price-controls-14bd37af9544#.krnaj9tme

John McManus of the McManus Group thinks that the marketplace is already doing a better job of getting the best drug prices than the Secretary of Health and Welfare could do. In his article “Negotiation of Medicare Drug Prices” in the March 2016 issue of LifeScienceLeader.com he notes that the Congressional Budget Office has stated that risk-bearing private plans have strong incentives to negotiate price discounts for … drugs and that the Secretary would not be able to negotiate prices that further reduce federal spending to a significant degree.” See details at http://www.lifescienceleader.com/doc/negotiation-of-medicare-drug-prices-0001

Highlights for Upcoming Life Science Events This Coming Week

  • California Life Sciences Association, Monday-Tuesday, March 21-22, 2016; Event: “Bristol-Myers Squibb Partnering Day; ”Confirmed BMS Participants: Carl Decicco, SVP Discovery;John Houston, SVP Disease Sciences and Biologics; Michael Burgess, SVP Head Exploratory Clinical and Translational Research; Michael Giordano, SVP Head Oncology Development; Douglas Manion, SVP Head Specialty Development; Nils Lonberg, SVP Head Oncology Biology Discovery and BDC; Alan Korman, VP Discovery Immuno-Oncology; Paul Biondi, SVP Business Development
  • Monday March 21, 2016 Networking Cocktail Reception; 4:30pm — 6:30pm; This event, part of the CLSA Partnering Day, will provide a great opportunity to network with BMS Senior R&D and Business Development Leadership.
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, March 22, 2016; Topic: “Successful PR strategies and techniques for emerging medtech companies;” Speaker: Reena Mishra, Senior Director, Marketing , VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, March 23, 2016; Topic: “Development of Pluripotent Stem Cell Based Therapies for Central Nervous System and Oncological Disorders;” Speaker: Jane Lebkowski, Ph.D., President of R&D and Chief Scientific Officer, Asterias Biotherapeutics
  • QB3, Thursday, March 24, 2016; Topic: “Advances In Biologics Development And Delivery;” Moderated by: Prof. Carolyn Bertozzi; Kent Iverson, Biotechnology Consultant and Contractor; Dr. Douglas Crawford, Assoc. Director, QB3; Dr. Greg Bleck, Global Head R&D, Biologic, Catalent Pharma Solutions
  • EPPICON 2016 Conference, Saturday, March 26, 2016; Event: “3D – Convergence of Drug Discovery, Diagnostics and Digital Health”

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys PicksMarch 20, 2016Check out JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough March 20, 2016 as well.


The Question About Impact of Price Controls on Drugs Related to Deeper Issue

In the U.S. discussions about changing the healthcare system from a market andprofit-based corporation business to a single payer health care system found in most Western advanced countries for decades has led to fears of socialism and loss of innovation. With the recognition that the U.S. can’t continue to provide the outrageous prices of innovative drugs today to all its citizens, the conversation needs to change. I look to having conversation about this topic in weeks ahead.

Highlights of Upcoming Life Science Events in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • PBSS Workshop, Monday – Friday, March 14-18, 2016; Workshop: “Clinical Trials Essentials: An Intensive One-Week Course (Register for full week or 4-hr sessions);” Speakers: Edward Rozhon, Mike Huston, Pete Shabe, Savita Sinha, Clarisa Tate, Narinder Singh, Frances Ann McKenney
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, March 15, 2016; Topic: Developing Transformative Medical Devices in the Digital Health and Mobile Technology Era;” Speaker: Gregg A Jackson, Principal Consultant, ProPharma Group, and most recently Gershon MedTech
  • JLABS, Tuesday Morning, March 15, 2016; Event: “Meet with GE;” GE Representative: Alex de Winter | Director, Healthcare Ventures, GE Ventures
  • Nanotechnology Council, Tuesday Morning,  March 15, 2016; Subject: Nanoscale Magnetic Resonance Imaging – the Quest For a Molecular Structure Microscope; Speaker: Dr. John Mamin, IBM
  • EMBS, Wednesday Evening, March 16, 2016; Title: “The Evolution and Future of Mechanical Circulatory Support for Congestive Heart Failure;” Speaker: Dr. J. Donald Hill, MD
  • QB3, Thursday Mid Day, March 17, 2016; “Pricing Your Life Science Innovation: Critical Activities from R&D to Launch;” Speaker: David Lee, Simon-Kucher & Partners
  • WIB, Thursday Evening, March 17, 2017; Event: “Womens History Month Event: “Women in Leadership: Seizing Opportunities;” Panel: Jennifer Riggs (Nektar Therapeutics), Chris Meda (InCellDx), Gail Maderis (Antiva Biosciences), and Barbara McClung (Caribou Biosciences).
  • HBA, Saturday Morning, March 19, 2016; Event: “New Member Orientation and Volunteer Onboarding: Maximize Your Membership”
  • CBA, Saturday, March 19, 2016; Topic: “Mitigating Future Financial Uncertainties with Current Planning;” Speakers: 2:00–2:30 pm Investment Strategies during Volatility; Kai Chen, CFA, Founder & Managing Director, OceanIQ Capital; 2:30–3:00 pm Taming the Bear Market, Stephen Koh, CLF, Vice President, MassMutual Northern California; 3:00–3:30 pm Personal Lessons for Financial Planning; Bill Choy, PhD, Pharmaceutical Director, ZC2 Consulting and Moderator: Frank Zhou, PhD
  •  o, Saturday, March 19, 2016
  • San Francisco HBA, Sunday Morning, March 20, 2016; Event: Coffee Chat

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys PicksMarch 13, 2016Check out JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough March 13, 2016 as well.




Posted by: Audrey Erbes | March 6, 2016

Pharma Industry Brought on Pricing Outrage on Themselves

The Pharma Industry as Whole Brought the Pricing Outrage on Themselves

My first year in the pharmaceutical industry I was advised that stockholders expected a 15% percent increase in sales every year. Trained as a social scientist I wondered how that worked as the base level of revenues got higher. I was informed that companies developing innovative products needed to reward investors with ever increasing income to continue to get more investments for development of other new products.

I never really thought about why this expectation was not a part of other businesses. As pharmaceutical companies matured, they had already marketed products for which they couldn’t justify price increases every year. Others took these older and often genericized products and altered them to improve delivery to make dosage more convenient as basis for price increase but eventually a reason for a new price increase eventually disappeared. Yet Tom Norton points out companies continued to raise prices and proved the Turing Pharmaceutical CEO right. The Turing Pharmaceuticals company’s 5000% percent price increase on old drug that rallied stakeholders against the industry was not a fluke or rare occurrence. See

Tom Norton’s insightful article “How Did Things Get This Bad? Look in the Mirror, US Pharma (Feb 29, 2016) which includes hard data that Big Pharma shot themselves in foot with outrageous pricing as well.

“Overall, Bloomberg stated the DRX study found that, “US Rx prices more than doubled for 60 (products) and at least quadrupled for 20 (more products) since December 2014.” The Turing action was not an outlier. See full article at Source: http://www.pharmexec.com/how-did-things-get-bad-look-mirror-us-pharma?topic=422

Highlights of Upcoming Life Science Events Week of March 6, 2016

  • Palo Alto AWIS, Wednesday Evening, March 7, 2016; Topic: “The Journey of a Leader: How to Find Your Path to Success in Science;” Speaker: Maria Grazia Roncarolo, MD, Prof. of Pediatrics, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Translational and Regenerative Medicine and Co-Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Stanford
  • Stanford Medicine | American India Foundation Symposium And Reception, Tuesday Afternoon, March 8, 2016; Topic: “Maternal And Newborn Survival: Research, Technology Driven Innovation, And Action”
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, March 8, 2016; Topic: “Change at the FDA: How the current regulatory environment impacts device development;” Speaker: Lisa Olson, MBA, President, RCRI, Inc.
  • WIB-San Francisco Bay Area YWIB, Tuesday Afternoon, March 8, 2016; Event: Womens History Month Event, Hosted by the Joint BioEnergy Institute
  • sfAWIS, Wednesday Evening, March 9, 2016; Topic: “”Strategic Transitioning: Methodical Job Hunting in Biotech;” Speaker: Mary Arcana, President, Biotecher
  • JLABS, Thursday Morning, March 10, 2016; Topic: “Meet with… National Cancer Institute;” NCI Representative Dr. Xing-Jian Lou, Program Director, SBIR Development Center, National Cancer Institute
  • QB3, Thursday Evening, March 10, 2016; Topic: “How Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and MRI Converged to Enable Improved Cardiac Imaging;” Speaker: Fabien Beckers, Arterys.
  • Stanford, Thursday Mid Day, March 10, 2016; Topic: “Discerning Rare Disease Biomarkers By Micro- And Nanotechnologies”
  • GGPF, Friday Evening, March 11, 2016; Topic: Designing Simple Polymers with Protein-like Activity: Advanced materials and new therapies;” Speaker: Gregory N. Tew, Professor in the Polymer Science and Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • NCC AWIS, Saturday, March 12, 2016; NCC AWIS Winter Workshop; Speakers: Debbie Rocco and Betina Schonberger, Senior Consultants at Interaction Associates and Ariana Newcomer – The Voice Coach’s Voice Coach and international best-selling author
  • NCC, AWIS, Saturday Evening, March 12, 2016; Event: “NCC AWIS Winter Workshop: Brand you! Techniques to help you feel comfortable in leadership roles;” Speakers: Debbie Rocco and Betina Schonberger, Senior Consultants at Interaction Associates and Ariana Newcomer – The Voice Coach’s Voice Coach


You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks March 6, 2016Check out JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough March 6, 2016 as well.


Use of “March in Rights” to Curb  Dramatic Increase in Generic Drug Pricing

How about a “poison pill” to demotivate the Turing Pharmaceutical companies of the world from acquiring cheap generic products and then raising the price beyond reason. Turing raised a drug by 5,000 percent which placed this formerly low-priced generic out of reach of patients who needed it desperately.  The HHS could exercise March In Rights to fight higher drug prices. See details for this proposal at http://www.raps.org/Regulatory-Focus/News/2016/01/11/23878/Lawmakers-Urge-HHS-to-Exercise-March-in-Rights-to-Fight-Higher-Drug-Costs/?utm_content=d806d80d7d8b06a684ca3a1812990ac0&utm_campaign=Pullan%20Consulting%20%23112%20November%202016&utm_source=Robly.com&utm_medium=email

Highlights of Upcoming Bay Area Bioiscience Events

  • PBSS, Monday, Feb. 29, 2016; Workshop: Advanced LC/MS Practices; Speakers: Jack Henion, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Analytical Toxicology, Cornell University
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, March 1, 2016; Topic: “Building Teams That Deliver Results and Investors: What Matters Most and When You Need Each Member;” Speaker: Michael J Weickert, PhD – President – Wit Creek Partners
  • Swedish Consultancy, Tuesday Morning, March 1, 2016; Event: “Opportunities for US Medical Device and Biotech Companies in the Changing EU Clinical and Regulatory Environment;” Speakers: Elisabeth Liljensten, DDS, PhD, founder and CEO of Swedish CRO DEVICIA, Åsa Runnäs, CEO at Symbioteq a Swedish Regulatory Affairs Consultancy and Tomas Camnell, founder of Symbioteq
  • QB3, Thursday Mid-Day, March 3, 2016; Topic: “Lessons Learned: 4D Molecular Therapeutics, a Startup Developing Viral Vectors for Gene Therapy;” Speaker: David Schaffer is a Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Bioengineering, and Neuroscience at University of California, Berkeley, where he also serves as the Director of the Berkeley Stem Cell Center
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, March 3, 2016; Topic: “Human Factors — What Does this Really Mean for Medical Devices? “ Speaker: Shannon Clark
  • RAPS, Friday, March 4, 2016; RAPS San Francisco Chapter – “How to Avoid 483 Observations and Audit Non-Conformities: Lessons from the Trenches;” Speakers: Eric Anderson, supervisory consumer safety office, Food and Drug Administration and Bradley Chen, managing director, TUV-USA/Nord Industry representatives to be announced

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through August 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks Feb 28, 2016.  A short list of Jobs for this week can also be downloaded as JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThroughFeb. 28, 2016.


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