Tips for Life Science Professionals Considering Career Change

If you are making changes in your career, such as, considering a different function, different industry sector or change in level, I suggest you look at your career profile as if seen through the lens of kadeidoscope. Your career profile includes skills, experience and personality attributes. If you want to redefine your profile, you can rearrange these elements for a new path. View the elements through kaleidoscope and recognize the richness of “you” that allows for different career paths.

Take the lesson learned from Stephen Covey to “sharpen the saw.” This includes:

  • Keeping up with industry developments and, thereby, continuing to grow
  • Learning new critically needed functional skills for one of the industry sectors. Hone your functional skills through study and practice
  • Read broadly about industry and your industry niche-learn the right questions and how your profile provides answers
  • Learn from the many speakers available through industry professional organizations in the Bay Area which you can find on my website at

Never forget the importance of networking

  • Make effort to attend minimum of 2 industry events a month
  • Make relationships with employees of companies of interest to you
  • Connect with former colleagues who know your work at companies of interest
  • Use Linked In but combine with face-to-face contacts to make real human connections
  • Approach individuals who know professionals in positions at two levels above position of interest—can be neighbor, doctor, dentist as well as other industry professionals
  • Develop a mentor relationship for access to unbiased advice
  • Join an industry organization that specializes in your specialty or market sector
  • Remember that 90% of jobs are not posted

I have provided a Bibliograhpy Sept. 2015 of career ecosystem resources as well as books helpful in career transitions. Right click on biography to download the list.

Upcoming Bay Area Life Science Events

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Oct. 6, 2015, Topic: “Redeveloping Old Antibiiotics for Use: European Initiative;” Speaker: Ursula Theuretzbacher, Ph. D., Founder and Principal, Center for Anti-Infective Agents
  • ShareVault Webinar, Tuesday Oct. 6, 2015; Event: “What’s Hot & What’s Not in Immuno-Oncology Licensing;” Panelists: Linda Pullan, Ph.D | Pullan Consulting; Jeff Bockman, Ph.D | Defined Health; Ferran Prat, Ph.D | MD Anderson; Axel Hoos, MD, Ph.D | GlaxoSmithKline; Nate Sanburn, MS | Eli Lilly & Company
  • xTalks Free Webinar, Wednesday Morning, Oct. 7, 2015; Topic: “Building the Evidence Generation Roadmap: The Role of Real World Data in Drug Development;” Speaker: Alex Exuzides, PhD, Director, Health Economics & Epidemiology, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes
  • Clinovo, Friday Evening, Oct. 8, 2015; Topic: eClinical Integration: Challenges and Best Practices
  • HBA, Thursday Evening, Oct. 8, 2015; Topic: “Courage and Leadership Discussion;” Speakers: Jennifer Cook, EU Head, Roche Pharmaceuticals. and Wendy White, senior VP at Dohmen Life Sciences
  • CBA Annual Conference, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015; Conference Topic: “Future of the Life Science Industry – Innovation and Opportunities;” Confirmed Speakers: Dr. Peter Yu, ASCO President – Keynote speaker; Dr. Lennart Mucke, Director of the Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease; Dr. Tim Hoey, Sr. Vice President from OncoMed ; Dr. Radoje (Rade) Drmanac, CSO at Complete Genomics; Dr. Jacqueline Law, Senior Director at Genentech; Dr. Janet Xiao, Partner at Morrison Foerster; Dr. Scott Liu, CEO at Henlius Biotech; Dr. Hiromitsu Nakauchi, Professor of Genetics at Stanford; Dr. Mary Vincent, Co-founder & CTO, SK Telecom Americas Innopartners, Lifetime MD; Dr. Xi Zhao-Wilson, CEO at BioMarker Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Licen Xu, Senior Director, Thermo Fisher Scientific; Dr. Ruhong Jiang, CEO of Applied Stem Cell

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events and jobs by right clicking on Audreys Picks Oct. 4, 2015 and JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThroughOct. 4, 2015.

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Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 27, 2015

Turing Pharma CEO is Lightening Rod for Stakeholder Pricing Wrath

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO is Lightening Rod for industry Pricing Wrath

One man has turned the formerly selective wrath against increasing drug prices into a tornado of anger against the drug industry. Turing Pharmaceuticals’ actions reflect the worst in greed on the part of a company that claims to be in biotech. So much so that BIO won’t accept them as members of their group and PhRMA was quick to point out that they are not members of their organization.

The company’s CEO Martin Shkreli led the acquisition of Daraprim (pyrimethamine), a long off-patent drug from Impax, with clear intention of making a killing on the sale of the drug with 5-fold price increase. A prior owner had already increased the price of this 62-year old drug from $1 to $13.50 but didn’t generate the level of heated response and social media coverage that Shkreli heavy-handedly managed. This flareup generated a $145 billion dollar (10%)loss to Biotech.

There is no alternative for this life-saving drug for treating toxoplasmosis, a potentially deadly parasitic infection affecting infants, people with HIV/AIDS and cancer patients. Shkreli’s explanation that the wealth generated by this drug’s sales would be used for the company to develop an improved replacement drug fell on disbelieving ears. Physicians note that there is no problem with Daraprim that requires replacement.

In response to widespread public disgust with this act, Hillary Clinton is calling for legislation to stop “price gouging” on part of specialty drug companies. The Biotechnology indices fell more than 10% in the week following call for pricing controls of some fashion. It will now be a task of Pharma and biotech diplomacy and public relations to bring this whirlwind under control and focus stakeholders’ venting at Shkreli rather than entire industry. This event has further loosened talk of limiting pricing which could become a major political issue in 2016 election.

Coming Week’s Life Science Events in Bay Area

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Sept. 29, 2015; Topic: “The Business Side of Regulatory Affairs ;” Speaker: Patrick Lee, Senior Consultant, Navigant Consulting
  • GGPF, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 29, 2015; Topic: “Slot Die Coating Technology & How Precision Fluid Coating Impacts Optical and Energy Storage Products;” Speaker: Mark Miller, Co-Owner, Coating Tech Slot Dies
  • Palo Alto AWIS, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 29, 2015; Event: Networking Event
  • BVS SF Biotech Community, Wednesday Evening, Sept. 30, 2015; Event: BVS SF Biotech Community Event
  • xTalks Free Webinar, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015; Topic: “Talent Management Solutions to the CRA Shortage: Investing in a Global Talent Pool;” Speakers: John Avender, Associate Director, Clinical Performance, inVentiv Health Clinical; Michael L. Jimmink, Vice President, Strategic Resourcing, inVentiv Health Clinical; Joe Mills, Senior Director, Global Recruitment Center, inVentiv Health Clinical
  • BioPharma Consortium and French BioBay, Thursday Evening, Oct. 1, 2015; Event: “2015 Fall Fling Mixer”
  • PBSS, Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015; Topic: “Cancer Immunotherapy: A Game Changer for Cancer Treatment – Breakthroughs in Science, Translational Medicine, Clinical Development & Latest Trends in Oncology Practice and Business Partnerships”
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, Oct. 1, 2015; Topic: “Digital Pathology: Perspective of a Practicing Pathologist”

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events and jobs by right clicking on Audreys Picks September 27, 2015 and JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThroughSept. 27, 2015.

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Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 20, 2015

Local Life Science Groups Provide Outstanding Programs

The coming week is full of events where you can network, sharpen your skills and make important contacts. QB3 has several events lined up. I will be providing copy of presentation and bibliography for sources for market information and list of books I recommend for dealing with career planning and transition at my Sept. 22nd talk.

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Sept. 22, 2015; Topic: “Life Science Careers: Your Place in Midst of Dramatic Industry Shifts;” Speakers: Audrey S. Erbes, Ph.D., Audrey S. Erbes, Ph.D., Industry Blogger, and Principal, Erbes & Associates
  • AWIS, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015; Event: “2015 National Summit On Innovation And Entrepreneurship: A Roadmap For Inclusion;” Keynote Speaker: Janet Napolitano
  • QB3, Tuesday Afternoon, Sept. 22, 2015; Event: UCSF Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, September 23, 2015; Topic: “From Bench to Bedside: Targeting Key Stem Cell Pathways in Cancer;” Speaker: Jakob Dupont, M.D., Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • QB3, Monday Afternoons, Sept. 24, 2015: Workshop: QB3 NIH/NSF SBIR WORKSHOP FALL 2015; Instructors: Shauna Farr-Jones, PhD, UCSF/QB3 grant writer and Crystal Nyitray, PhD, Entrepreneurship Program Manager
  • QB3, Thursday Afternoon, Sept. 24, 2015; Topic: “Learn What It Takes To Launch And Run A Genomics Startup;” Speakers: Amanda Cashin, Head Illumina Accelerator; Alberto Acedo, Co-Founder & Cso Biome Makers; Alberto Acedo, Co-Founder & Cso, Biome Makers; Trevor Levin, Ceo, Urology Diagnostics
  • CLSA, Thursday Lunch, Sept. 24, 2015; Event: “Lunch & Learn | Merger, Collaboration Deal of IPO: Getting Your IP House in Order;” Speaker: Mika Reiner Mayer, Partner, Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • QB3, Thursday Afternoon, Sept. 24, 2015; Topic: Lessons Learned For Genomics Entrepreneurs; Speakers: Amanda Cashin, Head, Illumina Accelerator; Alberto Acedo, Co-Founder & CSO, Biome Makers; Trevor Levin, CEO, Urology Diagnostics; and Poornima Parameswaran, Co-Founder, PathoGn
  • QB3, UC Startup Competition Deadline, Sept. 25, 2015; Event: UC startup competition: Compete for $300,000 in awards; Application Deadline September 25, 2015
  • UCSF-Stanford Center of Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation, Friday Morning, Sept. 25, 2015; Topic: “Regulatory Science Forum: Next Generation Sequencing”
  • East Bay AWIS, Friday Mid Day, Sept. 25, 2015; Event: Networking: Brown Bag Lunch And Walk

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks September 20, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website at



Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 13, 2015

Shifts in U.S. Life Science Sector Employment–California vs. Nation

Shifts in Life Science Employment Opportunities in California vs. Nation

I am researching the life science ecosystem for insights and trends associated with the dynamic changes in workforce distribution across the various life science sectors nationally and state wide. I was pleased to learn that biopharmaceutical and medical device jobs in California had increased by 4% between 2009-2013 while there was a decrease in pharma nationally. California had 119,795 employees in that category in 2013 with the next largest state New Jersey with only 41,089. Latter state had loss of 8,371 jobs (17%) while California gained 5,015 (4%). This came from California Biomedical Industry Report 2015. See at

At the national level drugs and pharmaceuticals lost 10.9% positions from 2007-2012 while research, testing and medical laboratories increased 9.7% on much higher base of employees. Medical devices and equipment showed modest increase of 1.4% in the same period. See further details in report from Battelle/BIO State Bioscience Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014

I will be giving presentation on my take on dynamic changes in the industry and impact on workforce and careers on Tuesday morning starting at 8:30 am at the Bio2Device Group meeting at the Sunnyvale City Council Chambers in Sunnyvale. See details on my list of upcoming events. This is a free program and no registration is required.

Highlights of Events This Coming Week

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Sept. 15, 2015, Topic: “How Early-Stage and Growth Companies Can Protect their Intellectual Property;” Speakers: Seth Northrop, Principal & Technology Attorney, Robins Kaplan LLP, and Li Zhu, technology attorney and registered patent agen, Robins Kaplan LLP
  • San Francisco WIB, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 15, 2015; Topic: “Tapping into the Modern Financial Landscape in Biotech;” Panelists: Lindy Fishburne, Una Ryan, Phyllis Whiteley,Nancy Stagliano
  • ACRP, Thursday Evening, Sept. 17, 2015; REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! South Bay Educational Event; Topic: “eConsents – The Why, How & Watch-outs;” Speaker: Timothy J. Kelly, MS, MBS, Director, Standard Register Healthcare
  • Sharevault, Thursday Morning, Sept. 17, 2015; Free Webinar: M&A Negotiations: Are You As Good As You Could Be?” Speaker: Brian Moriarty, Provider of Outsourced Corporate Development Services
  • PBSS, Friday, Sept. 18, 2015; Topic of Workshop: “Conducting a Successful End-of-Phase2 Meeting with the FDA: Overview, Strategies, and Perspectives from the FDA and Industry;” Speakers: Azin Shahzamani, Yaning Wang, Mike Eldon, Terry Sweeney, Ramani Raghavan, Detlef Albrecht
  • CABS, Saturday Afternoon, Sept. 19, 2015; Event: “CABS Science and Technology Workshop: New Frontiers in Peripheral Monitoring”

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks September 13, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website at


Posted by: Audrey Erbes | September 7, 2015

Salute to Life Science Workers on Labor Day

Salute to Laborers on Labor Day

Labor Day, created by the labor movement in the late 19th century, pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers. It became a federal holiday in 1894. Today it’s typically the marking of the end of summer, the beginning of the school year and a good excuse to have one more barbecue.

Today’s issue of the San Jose Mercury News reports on its front page that “Tide may be turning for working-class Americans.” Not just working but middle class workers have seen stagnation in their real wages as income inequality grows worse. Life science professionals have less job security versus not-too-distant past or ability to find a new position in event of layoffs due to cost saving campaigns and company M&A.

Union membership has decreased from 16.8 percent 30 years ago to a low of 6.6 percent currently. There had been increases in union membership among public sector workers at the same time the manufacturing sector declined in the U.S. The rate of unionization of public sector workers now stands at 35.7 percent but is declining with “right to work” laws in Michigan and Wisconsin. You might remember reading about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s aggressive campaign and success to weaken unions in his state with the support of large infusions of out-of-state money.

Why the hope for a changing tide?—President Obama has issued pro-employee executive orders and a recent Gallup poll shows rising support for unions, although at a much lower rate than 40 years ago. Presidential candidates, mainly Democrats but some Republicans, are talking about addressing wage stagnation and income inequality.

Larry Summers — the former Treasury secretary known as a pillar of the Wall Street-friendly wing of the Democratic Party in the past—now champions stronger unions and more workers’ rights. This change of heart is based on his current position that union power is a central component of real wage growth and that a total recovery from the terrible recession of 2008-2009 won’t occur with just an increase in jobs but also requires a rise in wages.

Some of the extremely wealthy who hold such a disproportionate share of the riches may be recognizing that income equality is a threat to them as well. It is common to hear the current top “one percent” now referred to as “Robber Barons,” a term associated with the filthy rich of the last century, and more recently the “Sultans of Silicon Valley.” If they take a lesson from past history, they would recognize that the closing of the gap between the wealthiest and poorest typically occurs through revolution, higher wages or wars.

See additional data on status of American workers at

Bay Area Life Science Events Week of Sept. 7

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 8, 2015; Topic: “The Dirt on Being Clean,” Speaker: Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder, Whole Biome
  • JLABS, Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015; Topic:”Meet with …Astellas Venture Management;” AVM Participating Representatives:Sakae Asanuma MBA, CFA | President & CEO, Astellas Venture Management; Takashi Futami | Associate Investment Director, Astellas Venture Management; Taro Masunaga, Ph.D. | Senior Investment Director, Astellas Venture Management; Hideaki Matsuoka, Ph.D. | Associate Investment Director, Astellas Venture Management; Nobuaki Shindoh, Ph.D. | Associate Investment Director, Astellas Venture Managemen
  • RAPS, Thursday Evening, Sept. 10, 2015; Event: San Jose Career Networking Fair
  • WIB-San Francisco Bay YWIB, Saturday Afternoon, Sept. 12, 2015; Event: WIB-San Francisco Bay Area YWIB Visits the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks September 7, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website


Posted by: Audrey Erbes | August 30, 2015

Medtech Jobs Increase While Pharma Jobs Decrease

While the pharma biotech sector headcount continues to decline, Medical Device professionals have seen increases in jobs at the top 15 medtech companies in 2014. Pharma salaries were also down by 2.9% in 2014 alongside the loss of 156,000 jobs since 2009. See “2014 Career and Salary Survey In Check” published in Medical Marketing & Media Oct. 2014 at

As reported in Vantage Report entitled “Fewer But Bigger Medtech Jobs Jump Thanks to Mergers,” none of the 15 largest medtech companies lowered headcount in 2014. Medtronics grew to 92,000 after acquiring 43,000 additional employees in 2014 for a 88% increase in staff. See listing of top 15 medtech companies and changes in staffing since 2009. There is also list of those medtech companies which have cut staff.

The medtech business model has always built products with “exit” of out-licensing or selling to the larger companies so this report is not surprising. When the product is acquired, the originating company disappears. But the change in the biopharma business model to one similar to medtech comprises a total paradigm shift.

As noted in last week’s blog much of the R&D capability formerly residing in Big Pharma has now been outsourced domestically or offshored. Almost 15% of spending for R&D and manufacturing in 2015 has been outsourced to domestic service providers while 14.3% has been offshored. See details at

These data indicate that biopharma/biotech jobs have shifted locations—both company and sector—not vanished entirely. The talent and experience in Big Pharma may not be available to the smaller domestic service providers and this might have negative impact on the quality of the latters’ output. See other articles in the August Pharmaceutical Technology issue mentioned previously.

Upcoming Life Science Events Week of August 31, 2015

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Sept. 1, 2015; Topic: End of Summer Open Forum and Networking; Speakers: Facilitator, Harry Wachob, President and Founder, Biio2Device Group and All Attendees
  • FierceLive Webinars, Wednesday Morning, Sept. 2, 2015; Topic: ”Precision Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges for Clinical Trials;” Speaker: Franklin O. Smith, III, MD — Vice President Medical Affairs, Hematology and Oncology, Medpace
  • WIB Webinar, Wednesday Morning, Sept. 2, 2015; Topic: “Best Practices for Sharing IP Rights in the Life Sciences; Speakers: Julie Watson, Special Counsel at Marshall Gerstein & Borun, LLP; Kate Murashige, Senior Of Counsel at Morrison & Foerster and Dawn Matthews, co-founder of Abiant, Inc., a 50% parent of ADMdx

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks August 30, 2015. I have listed JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThrough Aug30, 2015 separately in this blog.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website

This posting marks my 600th blog since 2008. Thank you to Elie Asmar who encouraged me to share my informational emails originally only sent via email to former adult students in my life science business and marketing classes as UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz Extensions. These weekly postings have been important in my continuing education and personal growth.

Happy Labor Day!



Remember the time when the general wisdom was that biotech companies never died, they just changed their name and product focus. That was true for most of the history of the biotech industry until after the 2008 downturn/recession .That’s especially no longer the case in 2015. The “formula” for investors and, therefore, the new environment for most founders and innovators is to obtain proof of concept as quickly as possible with as little staff and cost and sell the product. The industry has adopted short term planning and has not learned from history how this can negatively impact the future of the industry

The immediate next step upon the completion of the “deal” is to merge the company with another, shut down the acquired company and lay off the professionals who developed it. When the innovative company was run with virtual staff, there isn’t any company to close. The experienced staff, usually contractors move on to the next gig.

When this process happens often enough, there is no time for building a staff and providing experience to new graduates and hired professional staff. The system will eventually produce a shortage of new life science scientists capable in the ways of R&D. This process has resulted in large layoffs of R&D professionals in the pharma sector as big companies find it cheaper to pick up products rather than research and develop them. Meanwhile, Ph.D. programs continue to develop more students expecting careers in academia. Formerly, they could move to industry but that avenue is closed if there are insufficient jobs with no chance to get drug development experience.

Some said that big pharma would become development houses as they obtained the research from biotech and academia in the future. What they didn’t see coming was the extensive offshoring and outsourcing of development. Perhaps the good news is the growth of these latter companies. See some data below.

The most recent Batelle/BIO State Bioscience Jobs, Investments and Innovation 2014 report issued in 2014 advised:

  • “In 2012, U.S. bioscience companies employed 1.62 million personnel across more than 73,000 individual business establishments.
  • Over the past decade the industry has added nearly 111,000 new, high-paying jobs or 7.4 percent to its employment base.
  • Economic output of the bioscience industry has expanded significantly with 17 percent growth for the biosciences since 2007, nearly twice the national private sector nominal output growth.
  • The industry continues its tradition of creating high-wage, family-sustaining jobs with average wages 80 percent greater than the overall private sector and growing at a faster rate.”


Despite the optimism reported in this 2014 report, Battelle noted some weakness in the form of decreases in NIH and VC funding. The ecosystem must remain healthy to avoid destroying this otherwise promising industry going forward. This 2014 report uses 2012 and 2013 data so they don’t include the major decline in drugs and pharmaceuticals employment that has continued since those data were collected. Medical device employment was more stable and anecdotal reports suggest improvement in the last year.

  • “The foundation of a healthy environment includes: Research funding that supports both the understanding of basic biological precepts and their ultimate translation into bioscience relatedproducts and services.
  • Regulatory systems firmly grounded in science and predictable in their application.
  • Strong protections for intellectual property, both domestically and internationally.
  • Medical reimbursement and payment policies that are favorable to the development of new and innovative biomedical products.
  • Government trade actions that sustain and improve the “openness” of international markets for U.S. bioscience goods and services.
  • Federal and state tax policies and incentive systems that sustain industry competitiveness.
  • Education and workforce development programs providing the skilled workforce needed for today and tomorrow.”

The good news for professionals is that the Research, Testing and Medical Laboratories staffing has increased by 9.7 percent while the drugs and pharmaceuticals has declined by 10.0 percent in the 2007-2012 period. See page 6 of the above mentioned Battelle Report for chart summarizing the changes in workforce.

Highlights of This Coming Week’s Life Science Events

  • Golden Gate Polymer Forum, Monday Evening, August 24, 2015; Topic: “Computationally Inexpensive Simulation and Modeling for Future Lithography Processes;” Speaker: Prof. Hayden Taylor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, U.C. Berkeley
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Aug. 25, 2015; Topic: “MALDI TOF MS: An Ongoing Revolution in Microbe Identification and Characterization;” Speaker: Dr. Gongyi Shi, Director of Scientific Affairs, Bruker Corporation
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, August 26, 2015; Topic: “Oncology Meets Immunology: Revolution of the Cancer-Immunity Cycle;” Speaker: Daniel Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Cancer Immunotherapy Franchise Head, Product Development, Oncology, Genentech

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks August 23, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website


Some Miscellaneous Notes

I am attempting to catch up with some correspondence I received in last month that didn’t fit in my standard lists.

East Bay Life Science Group Formed

There’s a group now meeting in the East Bay. Yolanda Fintschenko, Ph.D. requested I share information about them for those living in that area.

“Please check us out and refer people to us if they live or work in the East Bay.” Their MeetUp page is and interested parties can join their group on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter

Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Business Development Position

There’s a VP job listed by Coelyn. Ronald H. Coelyn; E-mail:; Phone: 214-592-0275;web:

This client is an early stage medical device company developing clinical solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia. The Company currently anticipates commercialization of its products in 2015. As the technology is proprietary and highly confidential nothing more can be said about it at this time.

He/she will be a highly respected, visionary leader in his/her industry sector, with a demonstrated track record of success in building businesses through hands-on interaction with his/her teams. Product commercialization, strategic marketplace positioning, and business development, should have been cornerstones of prior accomplishment.

Experience in the electrophysiology (“EP”) space is threshold requirement.

The successful Candidate will have effectively differentiated his/her companies/products from competitors by capitalizing on strengths (both current and potential) to provide consistently better value to customers than its competitors.

He/she will define business development as the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships and be able to present some examples of his/her accomplishments. He/she have meaningful Key Opinion Leaders (“KOL’s”) from the EP space in their “rolodex.”

Biodesign Innovation Fellowship, Application Due August 31, 2015

Webinar Date:

  • Aug 19 at 6pm (PDT) – register
  • Recording of July 30 webinar

The Biodesign Innovation Fellowship teaches a proven, hands-on, project-based approach to identifying important unmet medical needs, developing innovative diagnostic, device, or other medical technology (medtech) interventions to address them, and preparing to bring those products into patient care through start-up, corporate, or other implementation channels. [PLEASE NOTE: This is not the Stanford-India Biodesign fellowship, which is no longer offered.]

The fellowship is a launch pad for initiating, redirecting, or turbo-charging a career in medical technology. Graduates from the program apply their talents to:

  • Catalyzing innovation inside major medtech corporations
  • Building their own medtech start-up companies
  • Teaching and/or leading translational research projects for world-class universities
  • Driving innovation initiatives within academic or private medical centers
  • Becoming specialists in design, investing, or other aspects of the medtech innovation ecosystem

Individuals with a background in medicine, biosciences, engineering, computer science, product design, or business are encouraged to apply. Masters, medical, or doctorate degrees preferred. Candidate will be selected based on their experience, as well as their potential to become leaders in the medtech field. We encourage persons from all countries to apply.

Fellows become a member of the Stanford Biodesign team at the James H Clark Center on the Stanford University campus. Clinical Immersion is held at Stanford Hospital as well as nearby healthcare venues.

The fellowship is a full-time, intensive experience that runs from the beginning of August through early June each year. Fellows receive a monthly stipend and health benefits during the fellowship period.

Applications for 2016-17 are due on August 31, 2015. To be considered, please complete our online application. For those selected, interviews will be held on the Stanford campus November November 12 and 13. More information about the application process and timing is provided with our application instructions and FAQS.

Highlights of Upcoming Bay Area Life Science Events

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Aug. 18, 2015; Topic: “Targeted Brain Cooling For Stroke Prevention and Treatment”
  • HBA, Wednesday Evening, Aug. 19, 2015; Event: “Empowering Women to Change the Status Quo
  • NCC AWIS, Saturday Afternoon, August 22, 2015; Event: “NCC AWIS Family Picnic”

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks August 16, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website




Posted by: Audrey Erbes | August 9, 2015

Is Greed Hollowing Out the Life Science Industry?

Is Greed Hollowing Out the Life Science Industry?

I’m finding it hard to stomach the continuing greed for higher incomes of investors and “taking out” of companies and their staff in the name of “exits” as markers of the supposed advancement of the life science industry.” Mergers and acquisitions mean the destruction of our industry in the future instead of the growing of companies and reward to professionals who made the success possible. We continue to encourage students to engage in science fields but our corporate values are leading us to truncated careers and failed dreams.

There used to be a time when there was an ethical concern that U.S. companies provide well-paying jobs for challenging work to life science professionals–in order to maintain a vibrant workforce to continue delivering advances in our field. The more recent 2008 economic downturn meant less funds for building new companies and a resulting extinguishment of the candle of building flourishing companies that last. Now the focus is on short-term gains with no thought for the professional workers who make the successful products in the immediate time frame. They will be laid off and business workers who have no capability to build a successful new cure or treatment will earn bonuses for cutting short- term costs and finding a buyer for the innovators’ products without concern about their future.

Off shoring of manufacturing is a part of the mantra of pleasing acquirers and investors. I envision the meltdown of the genius and brilliance of American workers in our industry as they turn to work in health care services when they are past 40 years of age. Instead of providing funding for their growing skills to bring more success in the future to the biotech and medical device industry, companies will use up our best and brightest and cast them aside.

I now encourage all students with whom I meet to learn a trade along with their advanced degree so they have a means to pay off their student loans incurred over many years of professional preparation, support their families and pay their mortgages as VCs place the “golden goose” of our industry in jeopardy. Without a change in this short term thinking and squeezing out every penny for investors, I see a “death spiral” in our future as our workforce loses its way.

Upcoming Life Science Events in the Bay Area

  • Bio2DeviceGroup, Tuesday Evening, Aug. 11, 2015; Topic: “Innovation, Invention & Entrepreneurial Thinking;” Speaker: Mir Imran, CEO & Founder of InCUbe; CEO of Rani Therapeutics, InCube Labs
  • WIB-San Francisco Bay Area, Wednesday Evening, Aug. 12, 2015; Event: “Speed Networking Bling Party”
  • HBA, Wednesday Evening, Aug. 12, 2015; Event: HBA Supper Club

You can download details for the above events in a complete list of upcoming events by right clicking on Audreys Picks August 9, 2015.

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at


Medicare and ACA Require a Factual Based Analysis

Medicare the much maligned health care safety net for U.S. seniors turned 50 on July 30. Both Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, two respected economists, wrote analyses of the program this past week and provide insights into the myths and continuing lack of information about the real value as well as demerits of the system. The conservative Right is against Medicare but their arguments do not agree with the facts.

Medicare is not the problem of the high cost of health care but rather, I agree with them, the solution. The Right is against this government program because it doesn’t place more profits in the for-profit sector. Unfortunately, their approach will only increase the costs due to the inefficiencies of for-profit bureaucracies and provide less care to seniors going forward.

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) helping to control costs while expanding care for all and Medicare successfully providing quality care for seniors once political barriers to its effective implementation are removed, it’s not logical to call for its ending or curtailment. It’s an ideological not a rational-factual based political argument.

See Reich’s and Krugman’s arguments in favor of Medicare at

and, respectively.

Highlights of Coming Week’s Life Science Events

  • WIB-San Francisco Bay Area YWIB, Monday Morning, Aug. 3, 2015, Event: “Visit to Stanford CHARM Lab!”
  • CLSA (formerly BayBio), Thursday Evening, August 3, 2015; Event:”CLSA Life Sciences Pub Night”
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Aug. 4, 2015; Topic: “Medical Device Sterilization and the ‘State of the Industry’;” Speaker: Jeff Sauter, Business Development Manager, NUTEK Corporation
  • RAPS San Francisco Chapter, Friday, Aug. 7, 2015; Topic: “2015 FDA Pacific Region”

You can download all the details for these above events as well as those through end of 2015 by right clicking on the Audreys Picks August 2, 2015 title.


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