Posted by: Audrey Erbes | June 12, 2010

Enjoy an Industry Gathering This Week

You have lots of opportunities to network and “sharpen the saw” this coming week and the balance of the month. With longer daylight, attending a meeting after work is a more pleasant experience than in winter.

Here are the highlights for this coming week’s industry meetings:

  • FountainBlue Life Science Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Monday Evening, June 14, 2010,Topic: “Trends and Opportunities Around Medical Imaging,” Panelists: Panelist Tobia Funk, Principal Physicist, Triple Ring Technologies; Panelist Dave Scott, Director, Imaging Systems, Intuitive Surgical; Presenting Entrepreneur Mark Foster, General Counsel, Volumetrics; Presenting Entrepreneur Kirk Knight, COO, SurgOptic; Presenting Entrepreneur from NociMed to be confirmed
  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, June 15, 2010, Topic: “Nellix Endovascular,” speaker: Bob Mitchell CEO, Nellix Endovascular
  • Deloitte Webinar, Tuesday Late Morning, June 15, 2010, Topic: “Acquisitions Versus Product Development: An Emerging Trend in Life Sciences,” Speaker: Steve Burrill, Partner – Deloitte & Touche LLP
  • LES, Silicon Valley Chapter Meeting, Tuesday Lunchtime, June 15, 2010, Topic: “Patent Reform on Trial,” Speakers: Barbara Caulfield, Managing Partner, Dewey & LeBoeuf, Taraneh Maghamé, Attorney at Law, Emily Ward, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, and the worldwide head of technology and patent law for eBay, PayPal,, and all eBay subsidiaries, Philip R. Wadsworth, VP & Legal Counsel, Global IP, Qualcomm, Incorporated
  • UCSF, Center for BioEntrepreneurship, Tuesday Evening, June 15, 2010, Topic: Camp Entrepreneur 2010, Session 3: “The DNA of Success:An Executive Entrepreneur’s Story in Commercializing Technology,” Speaker: Brock Siegel PhD, Executive Advisor, Serial Entrepreneur, Scientist, and Investor
  • BioScience Forum, Wednesday Evening, June 16, 2010, Topic: “Discovery of Two Generations of HIV Protease Inhibitors,” Speaker:  Hing Sham, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Chemical Sciences, Elan Pharmaceuticals
  • EMBS, Wednesday Evening, June 16, 2010, Topic:  “Optoelectronic Retinal Prosthesis for Restoring Sight to the Blind,” Speaker: Daniel Palanker, Department of Ophthalmology and Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford University
  • WCC PDA, Thursday Evening, June 17, 2010, Topic: 2010 Professional Dinner Meeting Series– “Virus Contamination of Cell Culture Manufacturing Operations – A Question of When, Not If,” Speaker: Michael E. Wiebe, Ph.D., President, Quantum Consulting, LLC
  • MIT Club, Thursday Evening, June 17, 20010, Topic: Health Care IT: Career and Business Opportunities, Moderator: Catherine Calarco, Senior VP, Heartmath LLC, Panelists:  Rebecca Lynn, Morgenthaler Ventures;  Dr. Chris Johnson, Performance Clinical Systems;  Matthew Douglass, Practice Fusion; Emily Peters, Practice Fusion; Marc Bandt, Pelesend Inc.; Matthew Holt, Health 2.0 Conference and The Health Care Blog; Dr. Natalie Hodge, Co-Founder and Chief Health Officer, Personal Medicine

I’ve attached the full list of meetings for balance of June and July. Click on highlighted item and then open the downloadable list in a new window.

Have a great week. You’ll find me at the FountainBlue Life Science Forum and Bio2Device Group meetings early in the week.


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