Posted by: Audrey Erbes | November 30, 2015

Post-Thanksgiving Life Science Meetings

Thoughts About Political Hysteria

Hoping you had a relaxing Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for and should never forget our blessings. It’s been difficult to remember how basically good, generous and caring our fellow Americans are with all the hate-filled messages emanating from many of the presidential candidates.

Being a student of history and politics, I sometimes get frightened with parallels in German and also American history when the majority of citizens allows the demagogues, hate and fear mongers to speak in behalf of us all.

I am comforted by recent article entitled “You are 7 Times More Likely to by Killed by a Right-Wing Extremist than by Muslim Terrorists” at

Highlights of Upcoming Meetings Week of Nov. 30

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Morning, Dec. 1, 2015; Topic: “GPP3 – Establishing Ethical Standards in Scientific Publications;” Speaker: Susy Chen, Medical Director
  • Seminars at Stanford, Tuesday Midday, Dec. 1 and 3, 2015Topic: “Sequence and Environmental Determinants of a Protein’s Energy Landscape”
  • PRIME UC, Wednesday Afternoon, Dec. 2, 2015; Event: “Meet UC’s newest top life science spinouts
  • JLABS, Wednesday Morning, Dec. 2, 2015; Topic: “Who’s Who In 2015: Exploring The Exciting Biopharma Venture Ride;” Speaker: Jonathan Norris, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
  • sfAWIS, Wednesday Evening, Dec. 2, 2015; Event: Holiday Networking event
  • Medtech Frontiers, Thursday Evening, Dec. 3, 2015; Event: A Biomedical Fireside Chat: “Lessons Learned and Promising Leads for Drug-Eluting Stents;” Speaker: Syed Hossainy, PhD, senior research fellow at Abbott Vascular
  • PBSS Workshop, Friday Afternoon, Dec. 4, 2015; Topic: Getting your IP House in Order: Patent Fundamentals, Strategies, and Case Studies for Life Science Professionals; Speakers: Janet Xiao (Morrison & Foerster LLP), Jen Liu (Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP), Vandana
  • RAPS, Friday Evening, Dec. 4, 2015Topic: “CAPAs, Complaints and Design Control: Lessons Learned from Audit Findings”
  • GGPF, Monday Evening, Dec. 7, 2015Event: GGPF November Dinner Lecture entitled”Soft Surface Science and Engineering: Serendipitous Discoveries (easy) and  Targeted Design and Outcomes (tough).” Speaker: Kenneth J. Wynne, Commonwealth Professor, Dept. of Chemical & Life Science Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University

You can download details for the above events in a complete PDF list of upcoming events through early 2016 by right clicking on Audreys Picks Nov. 29, 2015. I have also listed a short list of JobsThatCrossedMyDeskThroughNov. 29, 2015

Note that I am not able to send my blog and lists directly to you as I did for over 10 years. You can access them by reading my weekly blog and downloading my lists at You can also access via my website at


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