Posted by: Audrey Erbes | October 9, 2016

Grave Threats to Our Industry and Economy in the Rise of Donald Trump and What He Represents

You might wonder why I haven’t been commenting on the industry these past two months. I’ve thrown myself into the political campaign in support of Hillary Clinton for president with a lot of emphasis on doing whatever I can to defeat Donald Trump. You might wonder why this has distracted me from my usual interests over the years.

I see the problems in the pharmaceutical industry and biotech industry all interrelated with the political issues we face. I am shocked and horrified with the dishonesty and greed taking over the life science industry with accompanying disinterest in how pricing and business development has lost sight of the impact on our country, families and economy. The Donald epitomizes the greed and self-centeredness that I see in business in general. Our industry needs to support the industry professionals and not funnel all the profits to investors at the cost of not developing top companies to continue developing innovative products.

Lying and lack of caring about our citizen patients and industry professionals manifested itself in the shift to short-term financial interest and destruction of future companies in our industry. It’s all about the money and for the big companies the bonuses for top management and how much money can be hidden oversees to avoid taxes with crippling effect on future company development. We have lost interest in the larger community and the country which as provided the opportunity for our industry to thrive.

We cannot build future great products when the business development thinking and strategies look to sell new products as soon as possible and then lay off all the contributors and short change careers of professionals who have developed new products.

Highlights of Bay Area Bioscience Events Week of Oct. 9, 2016

  • Bio2Device Group, Tuesday Evening, Oct. 11, 2016; Topic: Polymers as drugs and the Development of Veltassa; Speaker: Dr. Steve Harrison, SVP of Research, Relypsa
  • Consensia, Thursday Morning, Oct. 13, 2016; Topic: “A New Paradigm for Medical Device Development Lean-Agile Software and Hardware Development Methodology”

You can download the details for highlighted meetings as well as other meetings through Nov. 2016 in audreys-picks-oct-9-2016-2016. A list of Jobs That Crossed my Desk can be downloaded from document entitled jobsthatcrossedmydeskthrough-oct-9-2016 Through Oct. 9, 2016 which will be added to website tomorrow.



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